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Paint Colour trends for 2009-2010

(NC)-You want to keep up with the latest developments in home decor? Start with mixing rather than matching the colours in your rooms. Mixing colours? Creating unexpected colour combinations is the latest message from Sico Paints, Canada's leading paint brand, as it unveils its top colour choices for 2009-2010.

"Surprising colour combinations like peach with fuchsia, mustard with teal blue, neon green with dark navy and electric blue with deep slate will increasingly be fashionable in homes across the country," said Dominique Pepin, Marketing Manager for the Sico brand and a Chairholder of the international colour forecaster Color Marketing Group.

"Over the next two years, we'll see unexpected colour combinations surfacing everywhere in home decor - on walls, furniture and accessories," she added. "We're talking about mixing punchy colours with pastel shades or very dark tones and complementing them with neutrals - shades that you wouldn't ordinarily think of putting together, but actually complement each other well."

Pepin attributes the emerging trend to the growth of virtual technology, which she says has changed people's perspective of the world. "Virtual reality technologies have blurred the line between reality and fantasy, creating seemingly endless possibilities and dreams," she said. "Unexpected colour choices reflect this sense of freedom and optimism that anything can be accomplished when striving to create a brighter future."

Topping the list of Sico's most popular paint colour combos for 2009-2010 are:

  • Vibrant, saturated greens, blues or yellows mixed with dark, industrial tones that create a sophisticated and energetic yet tranquil décor, such as Sico's Pomelo (6101-54) bright yellow, Bold Blue (6022-83) deep navy, Basalt Grey (6208-63) slate, and Coastal Breeze (6199-31) complex grey.
  • Soft florals merged with deeper lively colours that deliver an intriguing, eclectic feel to a room, like Pale Chestnut (6072-52) peach, Nunavut (6181-83) brown, Betrothal (6035-63) fuchsia and Rice Flour (6180-21) lavender grey.
  • Rich green and yellow botanical hues combined with jeweled tones that create a healing, invigorating ambiance like Sico's Virgin Olive Oil (6102-44) bright yellow, Green Leaf (6140-73) green, Poetic Green (6165-31) mint and Chanterelle Beige (6185-31) grey.
  • Chalky whites and muted shades offset by strong purples and dark slate that emit a futuristic yet romantic air, such as Deep in Time (6174-73) purple, Mozart (6172-52) lilac, Rembrandt Brown (6177-41) lavender, and Time Passages (6174-11) white.

"Each of these groupings nourish the senses and feast the eye, merging shades that are alive yet calming," Pepin said, explaining that each combination is influenced by consumers' desire for calm, comfort and security in today's uncertain world - which translates into neutral, soft tones - yet optimism for the future, resulting in the growing trend towards more vibrant, futuristic and environmental colours. To see Sico's latest colour trends for 2009-2010 visit

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