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Builder address: 80 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

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About Angil New Home Builder

Home means something different for everyone. How we define home depends on who we are, our interests, and how we spend our time. Home changes as we move through life, whether we are starting out and building a future, changing direction and growing as a family, or simplifying and enjoying our freedom. But no matter who we are or what stage we are at in life, home is always more than a place to lay our hat. At Angil Development, we understand that.

Angil Development, the Canadian subdivision of Zhongsen Group, was founded in 2002 and specializes in real estate development, construction, and property management. We are dedicated to building homes people truly want to invest in and live in for the long-term. From architectural design, quality, and sustainability to premium building amenities, exceptional in-home features, and carefully chosen neighbourhoods, our properties exceed standards and expectations.

But most importantly, Angil Development knows the difference between a property and a home: a sense of belonging. A key guiding principle for every project we undertake is our belief in the value of community. We build communities where families can grow safely and comfortably, where neighbours become friends, and where people put down roots. The value of investing with us lies in the strength of our communities and the knowledge that we build well-loved homes that consistently increase in value and always welcome you home.

Developments by Angil

Condo High-rise

Located in Brantford, Ontario

Builder: Angil

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