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LJM Developments

New Home Builder

Builder address: 1860 Appleby Line, Unit 28, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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About LJM Developments New Home Builder

LJM Developments Inc (LJM)’s core focus is to invest, develop, and manage commercial and residential properties in US, and Canada.

The company was founded in 2001, and has celebrated a successful history of developing bespoke architectural designs for its residential and commercial developments. LJM also achieved remarkable returns in the value of its diverse portfolio of properties and global investments in this time period. LJM’s investment portfolio consists of global equity and currency investments.

Looking ahead, the company plans to expand its footprint in the residential, and commercial sectors. LJM also plans to further expand its property management arm by expanding its portfolio of managed properties. LJM also entered the hospitality sector through investments in its subsidiary, SLS Restaurants Group. SLS’s primary focus is to invest in upscale restaurants in franchise type arrangements in US and Canada. LJM plans to further expand its footprint in this space in 2014 and is also considering investments in the Hotel management space. Please read more about other parts of our business in the What We Do section page. Thank you for visiting our website!

Developments by LJM Developments

Condo High-rise

Located in Grimsby, Ontario

Builder: LJM Developments

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