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Horseshoe Valley, Ontario, Canada

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New Home Type Model Builder New Development Starting Price Sq. Ft. Virtual tour
Bungalow The Summit Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,615
Bungalow The Medonte Loft Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,565
Bungalow The Highland Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,542
Bungalow The Pinespring Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,272
Bungalow The Maplewood Loft Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,235
Bungalow The Hilltop Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 2,020
Bungalow The Beechwood Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 1,900
Bungalow The Maplewood Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 1,698
Bungalow The Horshoe Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 1,518
Bungalow The Simcoe Democrat Homes Maplewood Estates - 1,320