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Woodlands Preserve is infused with a vibrant and optimistic atmosphere, perfect for professionals and families. Elegant, single detached homes on 50' lots offer a tranquil escape from the hectic schedules and stress of everyday life. The modern architecture of these homes is guaranteed to impress. The community’s many highlights include easy proximity to highways and schools, thriving green spaces and premium local amenities, enriching your lifestyle with convenience.

Models at Woodlands Preserve

Model Type From $
White Cedar (Bungalow) Bungalow
White Cedar Detached
Silver Maple Detached
Black Ash Detached
Red Elm Detached
White Oak Detached


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Energy savings plus increased comfort and a healthier environment.

A Net Zero home is designed to be ultra-efficient, actually producing (via solar panels) as much energy as it consumes!

A Net Zero Ready home offers the identical features and components of a Net Zero Home with the exception of solar panels. Net Zero Ready homes have all the rough-in mechanicals needed for solar panel connectivity – allowing you to connect easily at any time and make your home into a Net Zero home

Net Zero Ready homes are built with an advanced building enclosure system designed to eliminate air infiltration and increase efficiency and durability. The enclosure seals the home completely, making it airtight. This is accomplished through the use of significantly increased insulation in exterior walls, attic and basement. As a result, air leaks are drastically reduced, making the home more comfortable, quieter and less costly to maintain. As well, the home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Features include:

  • 2x6 Wall assembly with R24 batt and 2” rigid insulation (nominal R34)
  • Attics blown-in R60
  • Cathedral ceilings R31
  • Exposed floor insulation R43
  • Basement exterior walls finished with 2” rigid insulation behind a 2x4 stud wall with mineral wool batt insulation (nominal R33)
  • Basement underslab insulation (nominal R10)
Windows comprise approximately 10% of the exterior area of most homes – enabling the opportunity for drafts and leaks. Net Zero Ready homes feature triple pane Low E glass windows (as opposed to standard dual pane) combined with a multi-point locking system and multiple points of weather stripping to virtually eliminate these leaks. Overall, this results in reduced heat build-up in the summer and reduced heat loss in the winter, lowering energy costs year-round

In a Net Zero Ready home, the temperature stays at an optimal comfort level and functions efficiently throughout the home. This is accomplished with an advanced home comfort system that adapts intuitively to the home’s demands and operates at the required speed for maximum energy efficiency. This means that blasts from the furnace are virtually eliminated. Instead, the home will have a comfortable flow of heat throughout. Additional features include floor zoning, heat pumps and filtrations which ensure efficiency and temperature consistency regardless of whether you are upstairs or in the basement.

Included in the Net Zero Ready home is a hybrid source hot water tank that improves hot water delivery efficiency through air source heat pump technology. This advanced system utilizes interior air to warm the water in the hot water tank. The water heater absorbs available heat from the ambient air, which is then transferred (and intensified by backup electric heat) into the water, a far more cost-effective process.

A Net Zero Ready home accommodates for future installation of solar panels with conduit from the attic to the basement as well as a 60 amp disconnect behind the meter.

Reid’s Heritage Homes’ commitment to and innovation in Net Zero construction has earned a long list of accolades from esteemed associations including EnerQuality, the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and the Guelph & District Home Builders’ Association.

Please call 1.519.240.3764 for more information.

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