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1 Yorkville is Open for Registrations

By Lucas on Jul 30, 2013

On July 29, 2013, Urbanation tweeted out a link to Bazis’ and Plaza’s latest Toronto condo development, 1 Yorkville.

A major redevelopment plan

According to Urbanation, the plan for 1 Yorkville calls for a redevelopment of 836-848 Yonge St. Currently, there is a series of low-rise retail stores occupying the stretch right before Yorkville Ave.

The existing structures are heritage buildings from the 1860s. According to Bazis’ blog, they will be preserving them. We assume they will maintain the historical facades and redesign the interior.

1 yorkville 2

Image from Google Maps

The design of 1 Yorkville

The architect in charge of the project is Rosario Varacalli, the great mind responsible for Bazis’ E Condos and Exhibit Residences.

In Bazis’ blog, Varacalli is quoted, saying, “1 Yorkville will stand out from other projects in Toronto because of three things: preservation, porosity and changing perspectives.”

The most interesting of these three is “perspectives.” Apparently, 1 Yorkville will feature a “sculptural 3D wallpaper - which changes in light, shadow, and colour, and perspective.” As far as we know, nothing like this has ever been used to clad a Toronto condominium.

1 yorkville 3

Awaiting more info on 1 Yorkville

Bazis and Plaza will be releasing more information on 1 Yorkville, as well as renderings, over the next few weeks. If you wish to receive updates as soon as possible, we suggest that you Register now.

Bazis and Plaza have a pretty good track record developing along Yonge St., and with the prestigious address of 1 Yorkville and Varacalli set to introduce something never-before-seen in Toronto, we are very excited to see what is revealed!

Register for 1 Yorkville here.

Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping our eye on Bazis’ and Plaza’s 1 Yorkville.

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