17-year-old saves life with skills learned from the MIKEY app Image

17-year-old saves life with skills learned from the MIKEY app

By Newinhomes on Jan 17, 2018

Herity and Heathwood Homes recently shared a pretty amazing story with us – at the end of last year, a 17-year-old high school student named Kayley saved a life with knowledge she gained from the MIKEY app!

Kayley downloaded the app to earn volunteer hours in preparation of graduation. The MIKEY app teaches students CPR and AED skills through a variety of quizzes and videos.

Here’s the story straight from Kayley:

“I was walking in downtown Toronto on labour day Monday with my grandmother, when we noticed people making a fuss. There was a man on the ground and he was blue in colour. Automatically I knew something was wrong.

My grandmother grabbed my backpack and I knelt down beside him to perform CPR. I got to just over 30 compressions and he started to make wheezing sounds. There were people standing around but nobody knew how to properly perform CPR.

I knew CPR because I went through the Mikey Young At Heart App. Going through the videos and quizzes gave me the confidence to act immediately and without fear. I knew what to do and I knew if I did it, this man would have a better chance of survival.

I’m proud to have been given a Toronto Police Service Award for my efforts. But I believe that with the right training, anyone could and would do exactly the same. Download the Mikey Young at Heart app today…and you just might save a life tomorrow!”

The Mikey Network

This isn’t the first life saved by The MIKEY Network. 37 people have been saved either from skills learned from the app or by one of the MIKEY defibrillators, which are located in public areas like schools and GO trains.

More than 3,300 students have signed up for the app. That means there are thousands of students across 600 different schools that are better equipped to jump into action in the case of an emergency thanks to The MIKEY Network.

Herity and Heathwood Homes started The MIKEY Network to raise public awareness about the risk of sudden cardiac arrest and to educate people so more lives can be given a second chance.

The thing about cardiac arrest is that seconds and minutes are the difference between life and death, so having quick and easy access to a defibrillator makes everyone safer, and knowing how to use it is a skill worth learning.

You can download the MIKEY app on Google Play and the App Store.


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