25 Fix-Up Tips To Sell Your Home Image

25 Fix-Up Tips To Sell Your Home

By on Apr 10, 2008


1. Clean the entire home thoroughly. Shampoo the carpets, wash the walls, clean the sills, window screens, and blinds. Clean out the light fixtures and dust the shelves.

2. Clean the clutter from all closets, cupboards, and cabinets.

3. Make your rooms look as spacious as possible. Store unnecessary furnishing items that make your home look crowded.

4. Arrange your furnishings so that it is easy to walk through your home.

5. Reduce the number of photos, pictures, portraits, and posters hanging on walls to allow for a cleaner look. Make sure you patch up all nail and screw holes.

6. As a rule, keep your curtains and draperies open. You want your home to show very light and bright. Find ways to screen any unappealing views.

7. Make your kitchen shine. Remove any clutter from countertops and cabinets. Keep your sink clean and clear out any dirty dishes.

8. Clean your refrigerator, inside and out. Make sure that you do the simple things like putting an open box of baking soda in your fridge. Also, remove unnecessary clutter from the door.

9. Clean your oven. Degrease it and keep it looking as good as possible.

10. Keep scented candles burning in the kitchen and bathrooms. Pleasant fragrances will entice buyers to stay longer in your home.

11. Keep bathrooms scrubbed and tidy with fresh soap and neatly hung towels. Try to colour coordinate your bathrooms.

12. Keep all sinks in the home clean. Repair leaks or slow drains.

13. Go through your entire home and touch up paint. Pay close attention to corners where there is traffic wear. Touch up baseboards, trim, cabinets, and cupboards.

14. Place plants or flower arrangements in strategic parts of the home. A splash of colour from plants, flowers, pillows, or small rugs can give your home some real flair.

15. Make sure that your home is well-lit. Put higher wattage bulbs in dark areas or corners. Keep all lights on during showings, even in the middle of the day.

16. Use mirrors on walls if necessary to reflect light and make rooms look larger.

17. Make sure that all door knobs and keyed entries are working. Replace any worn knobs or handles.


18. Clean up all around the house. Remove any debris piles such as wood, firewood, and landscape trimmings. Trim all hedges, bushes, and shrubbery. Keep all garden beds weeded and mulched.

19. Add some colour to your home's entrance with potted flowers. Keep them watered and looking attractive.

20. Keep all walkways clear, clean, and in good repair. This includes your driveways and any parking areas.

21. Keep all outdoor furniture clean and in good repair.

22. Clean your gutters and roof. Keep moss or algae from growing on, in, or around them.

23. Keep your yard and lawn areas clean and in good health. A green lawn makes a home look great. Keep your lawn edged and free from weeds.

24. Repair any broken windows, screens, shutters, or awnings.

25. Clean your garage area. Remove clutter and make it look organized and as spacious as possible. Try to have nothing in your garage but cars.

By following these 25 fix-up tips, you can do much to increase the perceived value of your home and make it stand out above the competition!

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