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3 Spring Inspired Colours To Enhance Your Home!

By Jo-Ann Capelaci on Mar 10, 2015

It’s been a long, cold winter in the GTA! Are you looking for some simple ways to inject a little Spring into your home to uplift your spirits?

Three colours that conjure up feelings of spring to me are pink, yellow and robin’s egg blue. It is fun to play with colour in different seasons and change up the look of your home. Colours of course affect our mood and emotions. Therefore think about how you want to feel in a room.

Pink: Generate a gentle, loving energy by infusing a dash of pink into your décor. Pink can create a calming, warm and comfortable feeling.

Yellow: Generate a stimulating, optimistic environment by adding the colour yellow. Yellow is a great colour to choose for a home office for example because it is the colour of new ideas, decision making and focus.

Robin’s Egg Blue: Generate a calm room with feelings of tranquility with the colour blue. Blue also aids in balance and self-expression. A soft robin’s egg blue will project a light, friendly interior.

Not sure how to spring into action? Here are 3 simple, cost effective ways to add a dash of these colours into your home:

  1.   Paint: Paint is a fairly easy and economical way to update and add colour. We chose Benjamin Moore 304 Shooting Star for the walls in the home office area at Geranium’s Uptownes.

  1.   Accessories: Even a splash of colour in accessories can make a big impact. Notice how the accent of colour was used sparingly, yet effectively.

geranium yellow plates

  1.   Furniture Accent: Choosing an accent piece of furniture with a pop of colour is a great way to add continuity and interest. The soft blue benches pair nicely with the darker blue accessories.

geranium blue bench

Looking for more ideas to infuse these spring inspired colours in your home? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Pinterest boards for more helpful hints.



Robin’s Egg Blue

Jo-Ann Capelaci has over 20 years experience in the interior design industry. She has become well known in the homebuilding industry for her unique model home designs, high quality digital renderings, and intuitive space planning. For more information, visit www.joanncapelaci.com.

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