4 quick ways to get your backyard summer ready Image

4 quick ways to get your backyard summer ready

By Newinhomes on Jun 28, 2019

And just like that - it’s summer. The forecast is consistently above 20 degrees celsius, and it will soon be hitting 30. Don’t worry if you forgot to get your backyard ready for the heat (and the long weekend). We have some quick ways for you to get your backyard summer ready! 

Get a hammock  

Why don’t you see more hammocks? Has everyone forgot how relaxing it is just to swing in a hammock for an hour or so? Even if you don’t have a couple sturdy trees to tie to, there are standalone, self-supporting options. Throw a hammock in your backyard and suddenly you’ll be hanging out back there way more frequently. Just remember the sunblock! 

Invest in a new barbecue 

If your barbecue is a few years old or if you don’t have one, then maybe it’s time to invest in a new grilling machine. When it comes to price, you could spend a few hundred or thousands of dollars. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new barbecue - like how much space do you have in your backyard? Is the stainless steel rust-proof? What extra features do you need? Do you have a gas line or do you need a propane tank? A new barbecue is definitely a quick way to get your family outdoors, but make sure you do your research first! 


Redecorating may seem like an overwhelming endeavour, but it doesn’t have to be. For your backyard, just focus on one space, then tackle it with a single trip to somewhere like IKEA. If you’re using the outdoor space for dining or hanging out, like an extension of your indoor living and kitchen space, then invest in seating, a table, outdoor cushions, lighting, and some outdoor plates and cups that won’t break if dropped on your patio. 

Get a game  

When you think of outdoor yard games, you probably think of bocce, badminton, or lawn bowling. While fun, your kids may be into something a bit more current and exciting. This Spikeball game is all the rage these days, and you can play it on the grass or in your pool. According to the product’s website, the game is like if “volleyball and foursquare had a baby it’d be named Spikeball.”

We hope these seemingly obvious tips inspire you to make good use of your outdoor space this summer and Canada Day long weekend! 


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