4 reasons to go down to Toronto’s waterfront this winter Image

4 reasons to go down to Toronto’s waterfront this winter

By Newinhomes on Jan 07, 2020

Don’t let the cold dissuade you from heading down to Toronto’s waterfront this winter. With the winners of the 2020 Winter Stations International Design Competition unveiled, there will soon be four reasons to go for a stroll along the beach in February. 

The sixth annual Winter Stations Competition has three winners and a design submitted by Canadian design school, Centennial College. The Winter Stations jury received 273 submissions from artists and architects from around the world.

The four Winter Stations will transform lifeguard stations in The Beach neighbourhood into incredible, interactive art installations. The theme this year was “Beyond the Five Senses.” Designers were asked to consider how our fives senses interact and overlap, influencing how we perceive our environment. 

"We wanted this year's theme to look beyond the five senses to bring interactive art to the water's edge," said Winter Stations co-founder, Roland Rom Colthoff, RAW Design, in a release. "Winter Stations has always been about bringing joy, warmth and conversation to the long, cold Canadian winter landscape."  

Mirage, by Cristina Vega and Pablo Losa Fontangordo

2020 Winter Stations
This installation is inspired by the rising and setting sun. Depending on where you’re standing, the sun will look different. As you approach the installation, you will see the inner workings of the optical illusion. 

Kaleidoscope of the Senses, by Charlie Sutherland of SUHUHA

2020 Winter Stations
This structure will create clanking metal sounds in the wind, and a chimney will release the aroma of essential oils dripped into the sand at the base of the lifeguard station. There’s a horizontal beam reflecting the horizon, and a bench area, too. Interacting with this installation will definitely engage all your senses (except for taste...don’t taste the installation). 

Noodle Feed, by iheartblob 

2020 Winter Stations
The colourful noodles will attract visitors from afar and surely bring some warmth to the chilly beach. The noodles will have a unique texture thanks to the recycled sailcloth, but still be soft and bouncy. It’s a visual and tactile experience, and you’ll be able to manipulate the structure. There will even be an augmented reality app that allows you to digitally leave your mark on the installation.  

The Beach's Percussion Ensemble (Centennial College)

2020 Winter Stations
Centennial College’s installation will consist of giant wooden blocks surrounding a wooden pillar. Where the blocks overlap, bells will hang and be activated by the wind or by people. Graffiti artists will also be invited to tag the installation. 

All of these installations will be open along the waterfront in The Beach on February 17, 2020. Sponsors include Live Nation, Toronto Arts Council, Minto Communities, LCL Build, SAIL, Urban Capital, Demirov Fine Homes, Bousfields, and OALA.

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