5 cliche but kinda cool ways to embrace the fall vibe in your home Image

5 cliche but kinda cool ways to embrace the fall vibe in your home

By Lucas on Sep 22, 2017

It’s officially fall - time to let summer go. Pack away your shorts and swimsuits. Put the tank tops on the top shelf, shove your flip flops under your bed, and get out the flannel sheets. It’s time to embrace the fall vibe in your home.

We don’t expect this post to be particularly inspiring, but even though some things may seem cliche, they still look good! There are a couple great ideas here (and maybe a silly one) that will transform your home for the season.

1) Faux fur and heavy blankets

Embrace the fall vibe with faux furs and heavy blankets

Fall is all about being and feeling cozy. Faux furs look luxurious and heavy blankets can make your space inviting and comfortable, especially on chilly days.

The faux furs and blankets can be used on any furniture; an accent chair, a window seat, the couch, your bed - wherever you want to curl up.

2) Branch in a vase

Embrace the fall vibe with branches

It’s pretty simple...find a cool looking branch, find a cool looking vase, and there you have it. HomeSense is a pretty reliable place for random trinkets and containers.

And make a day out of your search for the perfect branch by going for a hike in one of your neighbourhood ravines.

3) Dried flowers

Embrace the fall vibe with dried flowers

There are flowers that bloom in the fall, but people usually don’t associate colourful, vibrant flowers with the season. Go to your local flower shop, buy a bouquet and dry it out!

Drying out flowers requires basically no work. Just bundle all the stems and hang them in a well ventilated area out of direct sunlight. In a few weeks you’ll have a trendy vintage accent piece.

4) Wood crates

Embrace the fall vibe with wooden crates

These have nothing to do with fall but they have that rustic look that goes with the fall vibe. You can find these at antique shops or at the St. Lawrence Market antique fair in Toronto on Sundays.

Be careful though - these trendy pieces are pretty popular these days so they may be more expensive than you expect. Search hard though and you’ll find a deal!

5) Leaves in a bowl?

Embrace the fall vibe, but don't put dead leaves in a bowl...

This bedroom has leaves scattered on the bed and dried up brown leaves in a white bowl. We can’t recommend this one because it seems ridiculous and inconvenient, but we had to add it in because the photo of this room actually looks kind of nice.

But really, no one wants pieces of dead leaves in their sheets when they go to bed. Next time you're working on your lawn, just leave the leaves outside.

Hope these obvious tips help you embrace the fall vibe and kiss summer goodbye!

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