5 creative backyard upgrades you should make this spring Image

5 creative backyard upgrades you should make this spring

By Lucas on Apr 17, 2017

Spring weather is finally here to stay, so you’re likely getting your backyard ready for some quality outdoor time with family and friends. You probably set up the patio furniture, dusted off the cushions and table, and took the cover off the barbecue. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool, you’re probably making plans to open it. But why don’t you mix things up this spring with some more creative backyard upgrades?

Here are five creative backyard upgrades you can make this spring:

1) Recreation zone

Backyard upgrades: Play bocce or horseshoes

It’s pretty easy to set up a bocce ball lane or lawn darts zone. If you’re looking to get rid of some grass to make your weekly mowing chore quicker, you can dig up a patch and install a post to play horseshoes. If you’re feeling super ambitious, you can set up a human-sized board for checkers or chess!

2) Picnic area

Backyard upgrades: Set up a picnic area

Sure, your patio is great for lounging back with a cold drink, but if you have the space for a picnic table, you can make a designated picnic area. Hang lanterns on your fence or nearby tree and bring a smaller grill out to the table. It will feel like you’re at the park or on a campsite!

3) Obstacle course

Backyard upgrades: Build an obstacle course!

Jump on the bandwagon - everyone’s watching American Ninja Warrior or Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix. If your family is the active type, you can turn your backyard into a training facility with a few obstacles. We recommend the wall climb, rope swing, wood balancing beams, and to keep things looking natural, add tree stump stepping stones.  

4) Bouldering wall

Backyard upgrades: Build a bouldering wall!

Another fitness phenomenon is bouldering (rock climbing without ropes). Building up your own cave or wall in your backyard can be easy if you’re the handy type. You need to construct a sturdy enough surface that you can attach climbing holds to, which you can purchase from a place like MEC. Remember, safety first! Do your research and plan this out properly before running into the backyard with wood and nails. Hire a professional if necessary.

5) Outdoor pizza oven

Backyard upgrades: Get a pizza oven!

You’ll host a few barbecues this spring and you’ll probably go to a few hosted by neighbours. You can throw the best party on the street with a backyard pizza oven! It can be a build-your-own-pizza party that will definitely be the talk of the town.

We hope these ideas inspire you to spend more time outdoors this spring and get active and social! And if you're buying a new home this spring, don't forget to ask about the size of the backyard!   

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