5 designer tips to bring the outdoors into your home Image

5 designer tips to bring the outdoors into your home

By Jo-Ann Capelaci on May 04, 2016

April showers continue into May bringing life and renewal. Spring is a great time to reorganize and declutter to make way for a refreshing change. Similarly, spring is the perfect time to think about incorporating natural elements into your home to create a feeling of renewal and calmness! I am here to help!

Here are five ways to bring the outdoors into your home this spring:

1) Nature-inspired wall murals

Bring the outdoors into your home this spring with a nature-inspired mural Via Pinterest

Natural elements don’t necessarily need to be literal. The nature-inspired wall mural shown here, as an accent wall over the bed, sets the stage for evoking a natural ambiance without permanent commitment. Many murals are removable, which offer the option of being changed or taken down to suit the next design trend or season.

2) A nature-inspired palette

Bring the outdoors into your home this spring with a neutral palette Via Pinterest

A neutral palette, such as the room shown above, sets a calming atmosphere. Use tones brought about from nature like brown, grey and white. Then incorporate natural raw materials for your furniture and décor to really call to mind that outdoor feeling.

3) Fresh blooms and blossoms

Bring the outdoors into your home this spring with plants and glass! Via Pinterest

Use the new change in season to get creative and hands on. If you are a DIY lover, then here is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to bring spring into your home! Instead of throwing away those empty glass bottles during your spring cleaning, use this as an opportunity to get crafty. Create interest and intrigue by using varying heights and spread them along a mantel or as a centrepiece. I really love how the clear glass in the image above is airy and transparent and also serves to reflect light.

4) Sticks and stones

Bring the outdoors into your home this spring with sticks and stones!

Go beyond plants and flowers to capture the essence of the outdoors inside your home!  Another simple way to integrate the outdoors is with objects such as sticks, rocks, pebbles and sand. They are warm and neutral in colour, and each piece is unique. Consider getting the whole family involved by collecting on a nature hike or walk on the beach. Then make it into a fun family craft event!

5) Have fun

Bring the outdoors into your home this spring by having fun!

Pictured above is one of the model homes we recently designed for Mason Homes’ Parklands site in Peterborough. With model homes especially, we like to use any and every opportunity to integrate fun and interesting design ideas. Utilizing something as whimsical as teepees for headboards and accessorizing with tree-like lamps and animal décor creates a lively and cheery atmosphere. This gender-neutral bedroom design puts a whole new spin on glamping!

I hope I’ve inspired you to spring ahead to be one and have fun with nature! Look for more ways to incorporate nature into your home by checking out our Pinterest board.

Jo-Ann Capelaci is president and principal interior designer of Colours & Concepts. The award winning company specializes in model homes and colour and upgrade selections for builders. They have been helping new home buyers choose finishes for their homes for over 20 years. Jo-Ann is dedicated to helping new home buyers create a model home feeling in their new home. Look for future articles on other topics to assist in decorating and designing your new home.

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