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5 DIY autumn wreaths for Thanksgiving

By Jen Taylor on Oct 06, 2015

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or just looking for the perfect gift, embrace autumn (and your inner crafter) and make one of these modern autumn wreaths. Don’t worry, these wreaths for thanksgiving are super simple, elegant, and stylish, so they will suit any home!

1) Easy & elegant

Via To Simply Inspire Via To Simply Inspire

Sometimes when it comes to decor, less is more, so this simple and elegant wreath is great for homes that take a modest approach to decorating. To Simply Inspire has an excellent tutorial for this beautiful and seasonal berry stem wreath. To get started visit your local craft store and purchase a wicker wreath and berry stems (reds and oranges will work best). Simply trim the ends of the berry stems and push them into the wicker wreath. Even if you’re not particularly crafty, this should take you no more than 15-30 minutes, making it a great craft if you’re running out of time. Add a brown ribbon to the back of the wreath and tie a bow at the height that you’d like it to hang for an elegant finishing touch.

2) Cozy cottage

Via Pinterest Via Pinterest

If you live near a park or green space, go for a walk and collect pinecones in varying sizes (or grab some from your local craft store). Both Martha Stewart and Another Bright Idea blog have great tutorials for a simple pinecone wreath perfect for any cottage or cozy home.

All you need is a wire wreath form, some floral wire, wire cutters, and needle nose pliers. Place the floral wire to the wreath form and affix pinecones by wrapping the wire around the bottom of the cone. Start from the inside of the wreath, then move onto the outer layer, and finish with the empty spaces in the middle (see the tutorial for pictures). Use the pliers to help pull the wires tight against the cones so the wire remains hidden and the cones stay close to the wire form. Martha Stewart also recommends dipping some pinecones in gold for extra “sparkle.”

3) Modern holiday

Via Rue Magazine Via Rue Magazine

If you’re looking for something with a little colour, Rue Magazine’s asymmetrical wreath tutorial is perfect for modern homes. Forage for some evergreen and head to your local florist to pick up a grapevine wreath base, fir, eucalyptus, straw flowers in assorted colours, white snowberry, and kumquat (on the branch).

Start by weaving the evergreen and fir into the wreath base. Rue suggests leaving part of the wreath frame bare and placing a few sprigs of long eucalyptus stems into the wreath. Once you’re happy with the shape of the greenery, it’s time to add the accents. Rue recommends making bundles by clustering a straw flower, snowberry stem, and kumquat stem together and wrapping them in flora wire. It’s best to leave about 5” of stem so that you can insert your bundle into the base. These bundled flowers will make a bigger impact than sporadically placed flowers and will be easier to affix to the wreath. Once you’re happy with the finished product it’s ready to hang! If you’re struggling, use Rue Magazine’s handy slideshow featuring detailed instructions and pictures!

4) Golden glam

Via 100 Layer Cake Via 100 Layer Cake

This glamorous gold wreath will easily make the transition from Thanksgiving to the holidays and the tutorial from the 100 Layer Cake blog has easy step-by-step instructions and pictures that even the least-experienced crafters can follow. All you need is a wreath frame, wire, magnolia leaves, gold spray paint, some wood picks, and clippers.

First cut the magnolia leaf stems into “workable sections.” The tutorial recommends aiming for ¾” leaves. Next, spray the green side of the leaf with gold spray paint (you can leave the brown fuzzy side as-is). Once the leaves have dried, start weaving them into the wire frame, working in one direction. This will create a beautiful layering effect. Finally, take any loose leaves and make a few fake branches with your wood picks, weaving them into bare spots to achieve a nice and full finished product!

5) Thanksgiving classic

Via Simply Country Life Via Simply Country Life

Finally, if you have the time you can really get creative by adding some seasonal items (like pumpkins!) and rustic typography into your wreath. Simply Country Life’s ‘Give Thanks” wreath is the perfect way to welcome visitors into your home for the holiday. All you need is some fake pumpkins, burlap, twine, paint, and a grapevine wreath (ideally a basket wreath).

First, paint the pumpkins a creamy white for an elegant yet rustic look. While your pumpkins are drying, use some burlap scraps and twine to make a pennant banner. Simply Country recommends cutting triangular pennants 2” wide by 2 ½” long and reinforcing them with a manilla file if needed. Once the pumpkins are dry and you’ve created your banner it’s time to add your message. You can freestyle the letters or use stencils - whatever works best for you. Finally, arrange your pumpkins on the wreath (Simply Country added moss to hide the stems holding the pumpkins in place. There’s a lot of room for creativity here so do whatever inspires you!

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