5 home decor ideas that will impress your Thanksgiving guests Image

5 home decor ideas that will impress your Thanksgiving guests

By Newinhomes on Oct 03, 2019

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and if you’re hosting, it’s going to be here before you know it. Your mind is probably focused on preparing dinner, but what about your home decor? Don’t you want to impress your guests?

Here are a few ways you can quickly spruce up your home to wow your Thanksgiving guests:

Orange, red and yellow

Thanksgiving home decor

These are the colours everyone associates with the fall season. Embrace it and amplify it, especially in your dining room. When your family and loved ones enter your dining room for their Thanksgiving feast, the fall vibe should be strong. Picture grand centrepieces, change out the curtains for flowing drapery, have a lot of foliage and natural elements, and stylish tablecloths and place settings. 

Copper accents

Thanksgiving home decor

Kick your decor into the next level with some copper accents. You can accomplish this with copper vases, cups, candlestick holders, or even copper accents in your wreaths. If you’re clustering vases or any other accessories, remember, groups of three is best practice. 

Inviting entryway

Thanksgiving home decor

Your entryway should be festive, but more importantly, it should be prepared to welcome all your guests. Make sure you have enough hangers and storage space for shoes, boots, scarves, hats, etc. If your foyer is large enough, add cozy seating so people can sit to put on and take off their shoes, and it also creates another area for people to mingle. 

Welcoming front door

Thanksgiving home decor

The first thing your guests will see when they walk up to your home is the front door. You can make this first impression a good one with live, seasonal plants, like carnations or chrysanthemums. Obviously, you can’t go wrong with gourds or pumpkins either. If you’re feeling ambitious, a fresh coat of paint on your door can make your entryway look like new. If you do decide to paint, consider a deep red. It’s a bold choice, but it will stand out and look beautiful through the fall and the holiday season. 

Combine styles

Thanksgiving home decor

Don’t be afraid to combine rustic and refined accessories. The rustic look fits in perfectly with the changing of the seasons, but the refined pieces add a touch of sophistication. Just make sure there’s a good balance between the two. A rustic piece should always be interacting or associated with a refined piece. 

We hope these tips provide some inspiration for your Thanksgiving weekend! 


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