5 new art installations coming to Toronto’s waterfront this winter Image

5 new art installations coming to Toronto’s waterfront this winter

By Newinhomes on Dec 06, 2018

Who’s excited to visit Toronto’s chilly, breezy waterfront this winter? Not so much? But what if you get to visit these awesome public art installations? We think the third annual Ice Breakers exhibition will definitely draw crowds down to Queens Quay. 

There were four winning installations selected from the international design competition, and a few students from Ryerson University designed the fifth installation. 

“As a sponsor of Ice Breakers, PortsToronto is supporting an initiative that brings colour, warmth, and activity to the water's edge, inviting people out of their buildings to take a winter walk along the Waterfront and appreciate Toronto’s unique landscape at this time of year,” says Deborah Wilson, Vice-President, Communications and Public Affairs, PortsToronto. “We are thrilled to once again support this art exhibition and look forward to seeing the 2019 winning installations further brighten the city’s lively winter waterfront.”  

The theme this year was “Signal Transmission.” 

“The theme is open to interpretation, and we were hoping to see work that’s both challenging and accessible. Ice Breakers and its sister competition Winter Stations are reminders that public art can and should be fun, engaging and open to everyone,” says Roland Rom Colthoff, co-founder of Winter Stations.  

“Signal Transmission may be approached as an exploration of data, digital and analog communication, including the various modes and codes involved; it may also veer into the realm of biology, ecology and sociology,” adds Justin Ridgeway, a Winter Station co-founder. “Simply, Signal Transmission is about how humans and other species speak – to each other and to our self, internally.” 

‘Chroma Key Protest’ by Andrew Edmundson of Solve Architects Inc. (Toronto, Canada)
Ice Breakers 2019
Is it a new marine marker or a group of protesters? You’ll have to get down to Queens Quay West to get a closer look. 

‘Tweeta-Gate’ Eleni Papadimitriou and Stefanos Ziras of Space Oddity Studios SOS (Athens, Greece)

Ice Breakers 2019
These yellow painted gates will catch your eye from a distance and surely draw you down to the water. Each gate is inspired by international architectural styles. Bells hang from some of the gates and will be activated by movement.  

'Connector' by Alexandra Griess and Jorel Heid (Hamburg, Germany)

Ice Breakers 2019
Inspired by the days when telecom cables were above ground, this installation encourages passersby by to send a message without knowing who may be receiving on the other end. 

“Stellar Spectra” by Rob Shostak and Dionisios Vriniotis (Toronto, Canada) 

Ice Breakers 2019
As the sun shines down on this installation, the rays refract through the filters, creating a “cascade” of colours for the spectators. 

'Tripix' by Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada)

Ice Breakers 2019
Put down your phone and check out this kaleidoscope-like installation. Inspired by social media and the way architecture is experienced, Tripix reflects itself and you. 

The Ice Breakers installations will stand along Queen Quay West in Toronto from January 19, 2019 to February 25, 2019. 

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