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5 ways to keep summer alive with your home decor

By Newinhomes on Jul 17, 2019

Summer is fleeting in the Greater Toronto Area. We get a couple months of warmer weather (sometimes too warm), and then it’s autumn in the blink of an eye. 

As we find ourselves in peak summer, we want to share a few ways you can keep summer alive in your home with some choice decor decisions. 

Sheer curtains 

Summer home decor

If you have heavy curtains, they could weigh down a room and block more sunlight. Sheer curtains are light, airy, and allow more sun to fill your living space, while still providing some privacy. Even if you live downtown Toronto and require blackout curtains at night, you can add a layer of sheer curtains, and then just keep them open throughout the day. 

White wood

Summer home decor

White wood is in this year. If you’re investing in a new piece, like a media console, coffee table or entry bench, then consider white wood. It’s light, reflective, and makes your space feel brighter. If you have a piece of wood furniture you can paint, then go for it! This could be a fun DIY project, just make sure you use the correct paint. It’s commonly recommended that you use a satin or semigloss finish with latex or oil-based paint.   

Splashes of colour

Summer home decor

With flowers and foliage in full bloom, summer is a colourful time. The interior of your home should reflect this. There are a number of ways you can add bold splashes of colour throughout your home; a collection of throw pillows, artwork, plants, small appliances, an area rug, a feature wall, etc. Giant floral wall murals are in right now. 

Animal prints

Summer home decor

Animal prints never go out of style, but be careful, because there’s a fine line between stylish and tacky. It’s mostly a matter of quality versus quantity. A beautiful leopard print pillow? Go for it. But don’t also have a zebra print feature wall and giraffe print bedding. Make sure you have a tasteful amount of animal print, avoid clashing, and always go for the faux version. 

Hints of yellow 

Summer home decor

Yellow is kind of like the unofficial colour of summer. It’s the colour of sunshine, sunflowers, begonias, etc. Adding a small touch of yellow in your home decor will certainly help bring the sunshine into your home. Yellow can really stand out in a room, so be careful with how you incorporate it into your decor. If done well, you can create a new focal point in your room that really brightens everything up. 

We hope these tips help you keep summer alive in your home for the next few months!  

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