6 beautiful home staging trends seen in 2017 Image

6 beautiful home staging trends seen in 2017

By Penelope Graham on Dec 15, 2017

First impressions count for much – and that’s especially true when showing your home for sale. Home staging – a décor makeover that best showcases the space’s attributes – has become a vital element when marketing a home, especially when appealing to aesthetically-inclined millennial buyers.

Whether you add just a few chic accessories or engage in a full-scale refurnishing and painting, optimizing your home’s visual presence is one of the most effective ways to stand out with discerning buyers – after all, the goal is to have them envision themselves living in the home in comfort and style.

Here are six chic trends that have popped up time and again in 2017 open houses.

A brightened up backsplash

Home staging best of 2017

The kitchen is a main focal point of any home, especially those with open concept living areas. While stainless steel appliances, glossy cabinetry and quartz countertops are the mainstays of a modern kitchen, it was colourful accents positioned on stove tops or next to tiles that brought them to life. Glass bottles lined up in a trio (San Pellegrino is a particular favourite), a bright kettle, or spiky potted plants were consistently on display throughout the year.

Citrusy displays

Home staging best of 2017

When life gives you lemons place them front and centre, whether in a handcrafted bowl or under a glass pastry dome. Flower arrangements were eschewed in favour of citrus fruits, green apples, and pineapples, which were spotted brightening up many a counter or tabletop – a cost-efficient and less perishable way to add a little visual interest to your space.

A touch of copper

Home staging best of 2017

There’s many reasons to be mad about metallics, as they effortlessly add a touch of luxury to any room. Copper and rose gold finishes were in especially high demand in 2017 for their rustic and warm patina – a turnaround from hyper-modern silvers and brash gold. Whether in the form of a statement furniture piece or strategically placed Moscow mule mug, copper accents were all that glittered this year.

Warm and cozy texture

Home staging best of 2017

The need for security and comfort was a constant throughout 2017, and there’s nothing like a thick knit or plush throw to make prospective homebuyers feel warm and fuzzy. Textile wall hangings, thick-pile area rugs and plenty of cushions were used to make areas like bedrooms, living rooms and dens seem all the more appealing.  

Taupe is the new grey

Home staging best of 2017

While it’s widely advised to paint your home’s walls a neutral colour to appeal to a wider buyer base, this doesn’t mean they need to be stark. While various shades of grey have been immensely popular in recent years, 2017’s walls were painted in warmer hues like taupe, sand, and clay, or the portmanteau of the two, greige.

A burst of greenery

Home staging best of 2017

However, while greige may be all the rage sometimes you just need a burst of colour– after all, the Pantone shade of 2017 was Greenery. Grassy and emerald shades cropped up consistently throughout the year, whether as a strategically-placed accent wall, a velvety upholstered chair, or groovy Formica-topped table. Get ready of an onslaught of royal hues, though, as Ultraviolet has been crowned as 2018’s official swatch.

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