6 cottage inspired home decor ideas Image

6 cottage inspired home decor ideas

By Lucas on Jun 19, 2017

The summer heat has us dreaming of sitting on the dock, relaxing to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore where our beautiful cottage is located. The only problem is, the cottage is just part of the daydream. That’s why we’ve come up with six cottage inspired home decor ideas, so you don’t need to own or rent a summer getaway.

Hey, renting or owning a cottage is great for those that have the option to do either (though deciding between those two options can also be tough!). If you’re not burdened by this decision, the following tips are for you:

1) Display recreational items

Cottage inspired home decor idea: Display recreational items

Paddles and fishing rods can be great pieces to mount above fireplaces, or simply lean them against a wall or in a corner to add that cottage-y vibe. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can hang a canoe from your ceiling, which seems to be a popular look on Pinterest.

2) Wicker

Cottage inspired home decor idea: Wicker furniture

When you think of wicker, you tend to think of outdoor furniture. That’s what makes it perfect for your cottage inspired dining room! Go all out with the wicker table and wicker chairs, then get large, cozy seat cushions (preferably blue or aqua). If you’re not into a whole wicker dining set, you can always get a classic wicker chair for your living room. Throw a quilt over it to turn the cottage look up to 11.

3) Antique lanterns

Cottage inspired home decor idea: Use antique lanterns

The majority of people don’t use antique lanterns anymore, even at cottages, but they still have an outdoorsy vibe. These lanterns shouldn’t be functioning, they’re purely for decoration. A functioning oil lantern in your home is a bad idea because it is a fire hazard. Display the antique lanterns on open shelving in the kitchen and on your fireplace mantel.

4) White and blue

Cottage inspired home decor idea:Paint your bathroom blue and white

If you’re looking for a complete transformation in one of your rooms, do the bathroom first. It’s likely a small space, so you can complete the look quicker and try out different pieces of decor. Start with a blue and white palette, then add some items like seashells in mason jars or natural wood accents.

5) Boating rope

Cottage inspired home decor idea: Use botaing rope

It may seem simple, but boating rope can make a big impact. All you have to do is wrap the rope around a regular household item and you suddenly have a nautical, cottage-like look. A few things that look good with boating rope; lamps, hanging light fixtures, ottomans, table legs, etc.

6) Vintage signage

Cottage inspired home decor idea: Hang vintage signage!

It’s common for cottages to have some sort of vintage signage from the ‘50s or ‘60s hanging up in the kitchen or living room. You can do the same in your home! Keep in mind that for the majority of these to work, you may have to pair one of the ideas with at least one other idea, otherwise you just have an old sign hanging on your wall.

If you don’t have a cottage to escape to this summer, we hope these cottage inspired home decor ideas help!

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