6 nature inspired home décor pieces for this spring Image

6 nature inspired home décor pieces for this spring

By Sumiko Wilson on Apr 20, 2016

There is a strong correlation between where we live and how we feel. Our living spaces have  been proven to impact our mood, behaviour, and productivity, which is why it’s important to have nature inspired home décor pieces.

As we reported last year, architect and Feng Shui expert Barbara Stewart says that, “humans feel most comfortable in spaces that follow nature, instead of monochromatic bubbles.” So using nature as the fundamental inspiration for the design of your home can help to create a more serene space.

To put this principle into practice, you simply incorporate the five basic elements into your home (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) and decorate your space to emulate outdoor attributes. An example of this would be pairing dark hardwood floors with a light ceiling to imitate the forest floor and a bright sky.

Once you incorporate the five elements into your space, you can still add subtle nods to the outdoors with furniture and accessories. Here are some of our favourite nature inspired pieces:

1) Agate Coasters (Earth)

Nature inspired home décor

Agate Coasters can serve as drink rests while simultaneously incorporating the earth element into your home decor. Due to the rock’s nature, each coaster varies in pattern and shape, making no two coasters the same.

2) Blue Ombre Shower Curtain (Water)

Nature inspired home décor

Studies have shown that proximity to the ocean is positively correlated with low stress levels. The Blue Ombre Shower Curtain from CB2 brings you to the beach with a smooth ombre gradient that flows from white to indigo to navy, making for a peaceful and calm bathroom.

3) RAPPT Lantern (Fire)

Nature inspired home décor

The simplest way to include fire in your home is with candles, and candleholders can give you a way to dress them up. Ikea’s Rappt Lantern is fashioned after a bird cage and can be used both indoors or outdoors as a safe and unique way to house and contain the fire element.

4) Lilt Silver Self-Adhesive Wallpaper (Metal)

Nature inspired home décor

The Lilt Silver Wallpaper, designed exclusively for CB2 by Noël Ashby, pairs a crisp white background with shimmery silver details, subtly alluding to the metal element. Though some renters often avoid wallpaper, the self-adhesive backing is easily removable.

5) Forms in Nature Light Sculpture by Hilden & Diaz (Wood)

Nature inspired home décor

Any room can be transformed into a woodland hideaway with the Forms in Nature Light Sculpture by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. The 3D-printed sculpture requires eight hours of intricate assembly but the finished product instantly transports you into a Tim Burton movie with the perfect balance of eerie and ethereal. Though the sculpture is not made of wood, the shadows are a convincing substitute.  

6) Bloom Coffee Table by MTH Woodworks (Wood)

Nature inspired home décor

Whether your style is classic or contemporary, the Bloom Coffee Table can add an earthy element to your space. The juxtaposition between the sleek, organic white resin tabletop and the robust cedar base makes for a timeless, bespoke focal point that demands attention.  

These nature inspired home décor pieces will help you incorporate the five elements into your home, making for a balanced and peaceful space that is full of positive energy.

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