7 Attractive Retailers Announced at the Canary District Image

7 Attractive Retailers Announced at the Canary District

By Lucas on Apr 08, 2015

When we chatted with Ken Tannenbaum, Vice Chairman of Kilmer Group, last summer about the retail space in Dundee Kilmer’s Canary District, he explained that they had partnered with LiveWorkLearnPlay Inc. to develop a retail environment that promotes health and wellness. Well, with the confirmation of the first seven retailers, it looks like Dundee Kilmer stayed true to their word.

The seven retailers are: Dark Horse Espresso Bar, Fuel Plus, OpusGlow Concept Spa, Pizza e Pazzi, Tabule Middle Eastern Cuisine, The Running Room, and a Think Fitness Studio.

“We are attracting the ‘best of the best’ retail operators,” says Dundee Kilmer President, Jason Lester. “We know this mix of services will go a long way towards contributing to the healthy lifestyle of Canary District residents and the positive well-being and atmosphere of this engaged neighbourhood.”

Looking east on Front Street Looking east on Front Street

It was definitely the right move teaming up with LiveWorkLearnPlay Inc. since they’re the company behind the Mont Tremblant and Blue Mountain villages. It’s very important that the Canary District retail not only offers healthy options to residents but also creates a tourist rich destination point. “We took a similar approach in selecting commercial tenants for the Distillery District when it was transformed from Toronto’s historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery. Since its re-opening in 2003, the Distillery District has become a thriving commercial and residential success,” Lester explains.

Rob Spanier, Partner & Principal of LiveWorkLearnPlay, says, “We take a focused approach with our branded Targeted Leasing and Casting (TLCTM) process to securing best-in-class retailers which has proven very successful for the project. We curated the ground floor retail uses by choosing amongst the best and most appropriate operators to fit within the health and wellness theme of Canary District. Retailers appreciate our rigorous approach as ultimately, it ensures their long term success at a location, which is beneficial to their business, the developer and the community overall.”

Based on the announced retailers, nutrition and exercise are the common factors that are influencing LiveWorkLearnPlay’s decisions. We wouldn’t say Dark Horse is necessarily a health-focused establishment, but who doesn’t need their morning coffee? “Dark Horse Espresso Bar is thrilled to be a part of the Canary District, a significant new development in the city,” says Deanna Zunde, Co-Founder of Dark Horse. “We strongly believe in this inclusive neighbourhood that is meeting the needs of the community while setting an example for urban design in Canada, and we look forward to joining and building a café that our customers will be proud to make home.”

canary district Retail rendering

For exercise and body health, the Think Fitness Studio will occupy a large portion of the 46,000 square feet of retail along Cherry Street and Bayview Avenue. The studio will offer small group training, season events, and “fitness adventures.” The Running Room is where residents will probably go to get equipped for these adventures. For a more relaxed approach to health and wellness, OpusGlow Concept Spa offers a variety of services.

The other retailers are food-based, and so far, we love the diversity in the cuisines. Italian and Middle Eastern are a good start. Hopefully there will be Japanese, Chinese, Indian, or others announced in the near future. “To become part of a community that fosters health and wellness is truly sensational,” says Diana Sideris, Owner, Tabule Restaurant Inc. “Our concept of fresh, casual and healthy dining not only lends to the unique aspect of this area, but will also stand tall with the other amazing retailers that have been invited to be a part of this innovative community. Tabule has always been dedicated to the neighbourhoods it serves and we are excited to expand our footprint and community involvement in the Canary District.”

The Canary District will house over 10,000 athletes and officials for the upcoming Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. After the games are complete, Dundee Kilmer will spend half a year completing the residential units. When that is complete the residents and retailers will be moving in!

We are very excited to learn more about the other retailers that will be serving the Canary District community. Stay tuned, we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for any new information.

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