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7 ways to keep your pets cool this summer

By Sumiko Wilson on Jul 05, 2016

If you’re a pet owner, you undoubtedly consider your furry friend a special part of your family. With that, their health and comfort are imperative, especially during the sweltering summer months. So, it is very important to keep your pets cool!

Though freezies and fans are often enough to keep us cool, animals respond differently to high temperatures and must take different measures to avoid overheating.

Where cats sweat exclusively through their paws, dogs tend to pant to cool off and oxygenate their blood (though they do have some sweat glands in their paws as well).

Cats and dogs naturally have higher body temperatures than we do and though their bodies are equipped with ways to cool down, they aren’t very efficient in extreme summer heat. Furthermore, brachycephalic (flat faced) breeds, such as pugs, Boston terriers and Persian cats, don’t pant effectively, thus presenting a greater risk for heat stroke.

To avoid any unfortunate occurrences, it’s important to equip your home with a wide range of household hacks that will help your pets stay cool, calm and collected all summer long.

Here are some tricks to help keep your pets cool in the summer heat:

1) Opt for evening walks

Keep your pets cool this summer by opting for night time walks

Once temperatures begin to soar above 30°C, restrict your outdoor time with your pet for early in the morning or in the evening after the sun has set. By avoiding the sun’s peak hours, the air will be easier for your pet to breathe and both you and your pet will feel more comfortable.

2) Save your pet’s soles

Keep your pets cool this summer with the right footwear

On hot days, sand and sidewalks can feel scalding, much to the discomfort of dogs who absorb heat through their feet. To avoid discomfort and steer clear of burns, dogs should sport boots, such as Muttlucks to protect the pads of their paws.

3) Don’t shave the mane

Keep your pets cool this summer with a proper grooming

Despite good intentions, a summer haircut for your pet can do more harm than good. Their coat helps them regulate body temperature and although a trim won’t hurt, anything beyond that is unnecessary. In fact, cats and dogs with less than one inch of fur are more susceptible to sunburn. Instead, pets can get heat relief from frequent brushing that removes excess loose fur.

4) Cooling pads

Keep your pets cool this summer with a cooling pad

Though lying on cool tiles often suffices, some pets seek greater relief from the heat. Cooling pads are the perfect option when your down or cat needs a place to relax on scorching summer days. The Cool Pet Pad requires minimal maintenance and prep, cooling your pet down without refrigeration, water, or electricity.

5) Leave water everywhere

Keep your pets cool this summer by keeping water everywhere

On hot days, hydration is key to keeping your pets healthy and happy. To encourage frequent drinking, distribute water bowls around the house so that your pet can quench their thirst wherever they are resting.

Cool water is fine but be wary of water that’s too cold, as it causes their blood vessels to constrict and impairs their ability to get rid of heat.

When you’re on-the-go, consider bringing along The Ruff Bowl, a portable water bowl that easily attaches to your dog’s leash.

6) DIY Pup-sicles

Keep your pets cool this summer by making pup-sicles!

While you enjoy a popsicle, why not treat your pet to a pup-sicle? The sweet treats are easy to make and require minimal prep. Whether you stick to a recipe or tailor it to your pet’s preference, your pet will love you for it.

7) Don’t shy away from pool play

Keep your pets cool this summer by getting your dog swimming

Though your cat is sure to respectfully decline your invitation to play in the pool, your dog may have the time of its life. In addition to much-needed relief from the sun, the water also presents countless benefits for their muscles.

We hope that these tips help keep your pets cool this summer!

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