ARTINDEX by Adi Development Group Raises Nearly $7,000 and Counting for Canadian Diabetes Association Image

ARTINDEX by Adi Development Group Raises Nearly $7,000 and Counting for Canadian Diabetes Association

By Lucas on Mar 06, 2014

It’s fair to say that Adi Development Group is exceeding expectations when it comes to supporting local artists and charities. At the preview launch of LINK Condos + Towns in Burlington, local artists were performing live painting right in the presentation centre, and recently, Adi brought back a couple of those artists and even more for ARTINDEX, an event to raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA).

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“It’s a cause that’s really near and dear to our heart. We teamed up with No Vacancy, which is an art agency, to highlight some local artists. They put together some pieces, and we’re doing a silent and live auction to raise some funds for the CDA. They’re trying to launch they’re Halton brand and this is a great opportunity to showcase the art and raise awareness for the cause,” said Tariq Adi, President of Adi Development Group.

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There was a great selection of paintings and photographs up for auction, including a photo shoot and photography lesson from Inger Mackenzie. One of the favourite artists of the night was Sanjay Patel, an abstract painter from No Vacancy. He had two paintings up for auction, one of which he painted at LINK’s preview event. It sold for over $1,200!

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Another highlight of the evening was watching Bob Cowan of CHCH Morning Live spearhead the live auction. He’s not exactly a professional auctioneer, but he talks fast enough for it, and he’s not afraid to get up and personal to coax a few more dollars out of interested bidders (it’s for a good cause after all).

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“There’s nine million people with Diabetes in Canada. One in four people today that you know or love will be affected by the disease. It’s the leading cause of death in Canada; 6,000 people die from complications of diabetes each month,” said Lori Gregory, Manager of Mission Funding Ontario. “Raising money and awareness here tonight can support Halton, Oakville, and Burlington. I’d like to thank the brothers [Adis] for a fantastic evening and I look forward to our future partnership.”

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By the end of the evening, Adi Development Group and the artists from No Vacancy raised nearly $7,000 for the CDA, and the donations are still coming in! Congratulations to everyone involved!

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