Backyard tips that will win you points with your dog Image

Backyard tips that will win you points with your dog

By Newinhomes on Aug 29, 2019

Yes, school is starting soon, but that doesn’t mean that summer is over. There are still plenty of beautiful days ahead, especially for your beloved pet (if you have one). 

The start of fall or the fall season in general is debatably better for dogs (or some breeds) because of the cooler temperatures. Some dogs, especially the extremely fluffy types, can’t stay outdoors for a long period of time during our humid summers, let alone frolic and play. 

When was the last time you spent time improving your outdoor space for your best canine buddy? Here are a few tips to ensure your backyard is a safe and fun area for your pup!

Inspect your fence

Every dog owner’s greatest fear is their dog slips under or through the fence, and then gets lost or hurt in traffic. Do a thorough walk around your fence line to ensure there are no gaps large enough for your dog to escape. If your dog were to get out, it’s not because they were trying to escape. Any number of things could cause them to try to leave your yard, like they smell some food or sense danger. 

Ensure your plants are safe

Dogs are known to munch on plants or foliage. This is okay and unavoidable, but only if your home garden is free of toxic plants. Some plants that are poisonous for dogs include azaleas, lilies, oleander, daffodils, tulips, and there are many others. Before you buy any new plants for your garden, make sure you do your research! 

Create a digging area

Dogs love to dig. If you want to control it, you should have a designated digging area. You can do this by creating a dirt patch and burying some treats or toys for your dog. In theory, this will become the spot where your dog can dig, discover treats, and also bury things. If you’re going to do this, avoid placing the digging area near your fence because some dogs can easily burrow out of your yard if they really set their mind to it. 

Install a water feature

Just like us, dogs need to hydrate. You can use this as an excuse to install a water feature in your backyard! A small stream or fountain will give your dog a quick place to quench its thirst and they may even jump into if it wants to cool off. And you also benefit from the tranquility that the sound of running water provides. 

Have plenty of shade

The summer sun can be intense. You probably have some sort of umbrella or canopy for your patio area. Make sure there are a few spots out in the yard for your dog to curl up under if they get too hot. You can accomplish this either with more seating areas or with your plant choices. 

We hope these tips help make your backyard a dream play zone for your dog! 

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