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By on Aug 06, 2008


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Home decor does not have to involve a lot of time or expense when you follow these inventive tips from Sally Morse, director of creative services for Hunter Douglas, to give an instant uplift to your bedroom decor and bath decor - arguably the most important rooms in your house:

Bedroom decor

To refresh your bedroom decor, Morse suggests new bedding to make the room seem like it belongs in a luxurious boutique hotel. Add some pillows in a variety of sizes anchored by a bolster. Top the bed with a blanket or pretty sheet and roll a comforter at the foot to have on hand for cold evenings. Morse also recommends adding some "green" to your rooms with new bamboo fabrics that offer great softness.

According to Morse, a new coat of paint is one of the quickest and most dramatic home decor uplifts. Bring home those tranquil colours from a seaside vacation, especially the soft blue / greens at the point where the sky meets the sea.


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As psychologists advise that we sleep better in a dark room, she also suggests changing up your bedroom decor by adding some room-darkening window treatments. Window shadings are now available in two opacities - semi-opaque and room-darkening - in a delightful array of textured fabrics and colours.

Bathroom decor

Morse suggests updating your bathroom decor by turning your master bath into a spa with the addition of piles of white towels, scented candles and a fresh coat of paint. And don't forget the "fifth" wall. If you choose white for the walls try painting the ceiling sky blue. To add privacy plus a real sky view to your bathroom decor select a window fashion with a top-down / bottom-up design option. This type of blind will also dramatically increases insulating R-values (resistance to heat flow) in colder months.


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