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Brampton New Home Market Continues to Shine

By Lucas on Jan 26, 2015

According to Trimart Research Corporation, new low-rise sales in the Total Market Area (TMA) saw a 2.7% year-over-year increase in December 2014. With over 20,000 new low-rise sales, 2014 was the highest selling in the last six years. Greater Toronto saw the biggest year-over-year increase, with a 130.4% jump, while the north and central regions increased 9% and 2.6%, respectively. Since the Brampton new home market had so many sales last year, it’s not surprising to see two Brampton communities topping this week’s Trimart Hot Spots list.

Listed below are a few low-rise communities that saw a significant amount of sales last month:

mattamy homes Mount Pleasant North - via Mattamy Homes

At the very top of Trimart’s Hot Spots list is Mount Pleasant North/Village, a Brampton community by Mattamy Homes that had 38 sales last month. Not only is Mattamy the most common builder to appear on the Trimart reports, the Mount Pleasant community probably holds the record for topping the Hot Spots list. The community features rear lane townhomes, two- and three-storey townhomes, as well as 30’ and 38’ detached homes, ranging from 1,362 to 2,808 square feet. Prices at Mount Pleasant start at $347,990 and range up to the low $500,000s - not a bad deal for a new detached home in one of the province’s most desirable cities! With prices like this, it’s no wonder that Mattamy is selling so well during a traditionally slow period.

Meadowgreen - via Heathwood Homes Meadowgreen - via Heathwood Homes

The second Brampton community this week had 10 sales last month. Meadowgreen by Heathwood Homes features semis and 38’ and 46’ detached homes, ranging from 3,105 to 5,043 square feet. These homes are obviously for the homebuyer looking for a little more space than Mattamy’s Mount Pleasant has to offer, which explains the starting price of $622,900. With 10 sales in December, there is obviously still a strong demand for large detached housing in Brampton. Most experts are predicting that Brampton will continue to be a frontrunner in the low-rise scene throughout 2015 since there are a number of new releases and openings in the works.

Friday Harbour - via Geranium Homes Friday Harbour - via Geranium Homes

There is actually a tie for second place this week, with Geranium Homes’ Friday Harbour master-plan in Innisfil also seeing 10 sales last month. This resort-style community features condo units and urban townhomes ranging from 433 to 1,766 square feet, with prices starting at $229,900. Last year, a number of resort-style communities were launched. It will be interesting to see if these kinds of communities remain a popular option in 2015. Those looking for second homes and empty nesters have traditionally been homebuyers in these communities, but last year saw a few families choosing resort-style communities as their primary home.

Estates of Avonlea - via Coral reek Homes Estates of Avonlea - via Coral reek Homes

The third spot is taken by Estates of Avonlea by Coral Creek Homes, making it’s Trimart debut with eight sales last December. This Uxbridge community features townhomes, semis, and 50’ detached homes ranging from 1,630 to 2,680 square feet. Prices at the Estates of Avonlea start at $398,990.

Lotus Pointe - via Greenpark Lotus Pointe - via Greenpark

Coming in fourth with five sales last month is Lotus Pointe by Greenpark. This Caledon community offers a beautiful collection of semis, as well as 41’, 43’, and 50’ detached homes, ranging from 1,756 to 4,110 square feet. The beauty of Lotus Pointe is its premium location on the south end of Caledon. The community is on the border between the stunning natural landscape of Caledon and the conveniences of north Brampton.

Williamsburg Walk - via Reid's Heritage Homes Williamsburg Walk - via Reid's Heritage Homes

The final position on this week’s Trimart Hot Spots report is taken by Williamsburg Walk by Reid’s Heritage Homes, a Kitchener community that also had five sales last month. The community features a series of urban townhomes ranging from 652 to 1,106 square feet, with prices starting at $209,900.

All information courtesy Trimart Research Corporation.

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