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Brampton Still Top Selling City for New Low-Rise

By Lucas on Sep 15, 2014

Trimart Research Corporation recently revealed the top four selling cities for new low-rise homes in the Total Market Area (TMA). With an tremendous lead, Brampton has seen 2,996 sales as of the end of July 2014. Milton is in a distant second with 971, Aurora’s in third with 718, and Toronto follows closely with 688. With more than 20 new openings and releases scheduled for September and the rest of fall, Trimart predicts this season will be the busiest of the year.

Listed below are a few notable low-rise sites of the last month:

mattamy homes bild The Preserve - via Mattamy Homes

For the second week in a row, Mattamy Homes takes the top spot on the Trimart report with 87 sales at The Preserve in Oakville. The community features a wide array of home types, including village homes, towns, rear lane homes, and 45’ and 50’ detached homes. Sizes range from 1,036 to 4,242 square feet and prices start from $392,990 and range to more than $1 million. Whether you are in the market for a starter home or upgrade, The Preserve in Oakville has many fantastic options.

Meadow Green - via Regal Crest Homes Meadow Green - via Regal Crest Homes

Coming in second is Meadow Green, a Brampton development by Regal Crest Homes that saw 36 sales recently. The community features towns, semis, and 38’ and 46’ detached homes, with prices starting at $447,900. Brampton is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities, and this is your chance to be a part of the dramatic transformation!

empire communities Lakeside - via Empire Communities

The third spot is taken by another Brampton development, Lakeside by Empire Communities, which saw 20 sales recently. Lakeside features semis, towns, and 38’ detached homes, ranging from 1,254 to 3,211 square feet. Prices start as low as $349,990. Empire Communities has many developments on the go, and they pride themselves in delivering the best quality product possible.

Uptownes - via Geranium Homes Uptownes - via Geranium Homes

Placing fourth, with 14 sales, is Uptownes by Geranium Homes. Located in Stouffville, the community features a wide selection of townhomes ranging from 1,401 to 1,594 square feet. Prices start for as little as $394,900. Uptownes is part of Geranium Homes’ Stouffville master-plan, which is making a positive impact on the town’s streetscape.

Downsview Park - via Mattamy Homes Downsview Park - via Mattamy Homes

Mattamy takes another spot on the Trimart report with their Downsview Park development, which they are developing with Urbancorp. The Toronto community features urban and rear lane townhomes ranging from 732 to 2,365 square feet, and saw 13 sales. Prices start at $324,990. Like the Mattamy community topping the list, Downsview Park offers a wide range of homes, perfect for singles, couples, and families.

Treetops - via Brookfield Homes Treetops - via Brookfield Homes

The last spot on this week’s Trimart report is occupied by Brookfield Homes’ Alliston community, Treetops, which saw nine sales recently. Treetops features detached homes on 32’, 36’, 40’, and 45’ lots, as well as a collection of semis. The homes range from 1,280 to 3,020 square feet with prices starting at just $285,990.

Will Brampton continue to be the TMA’s best selling city for new low-rise homes after the busy fall season passes? With a 2,000-sale lead, we’re guessing yes, but only time will tell. Milton, Aurora, and Toronto have many new openings and releases scheduled, so one of them could easily catch up to Brampton.

All information courtesy Trimart Research Corporation.

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