Canada ranked second best country in the world behind Switzerland Image

Canada ranked second best country in the world behind Switzerland

By Newinhomes on Jan 25, 2018

For the second consecutive year, the US News & World Report named Canada the second best country in the world behind Switzerland.

The report compares 80 countries across 24 rankings with surveys from more than 21,000 citizens around the world.

According to the report, Canada has a reputation for welcoming immigrants and for embracing multiculturalism, though there are challenges when it comes to representing and respecting indigenous communities and the French speaking population in Quebec. All of this is debatable depending on who you’re talking to.

Canada is referred to as a “high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living.” Also, the country is among the most powerful when it comes to exporting energy, food, and minerals.

Specific rankings in certain categories kept Canada in the second position. For overall Quality of Life, Canada came in first thanks to the stable economy, great job market, general safety, political stability, and the well established health and education systems.

With regards to Citizenship, Canada excelled in respecting property rights, trustworthiness, gender equality, human rights and religious freedom.

Entrepreneurship was also key with high scores in developed infrastructure, transparent business practices, the educated population, international connectivity, and a well developed legal framework.



So, how do we compare with Switzerland?

The number one country in the world excelled in similar categories, just slightly better than Canada, specifically when it comes to Citizenship and Entrepreneurship. The only two categories that Canada outperformed Switzerland was Quality of Life and Power.

Switzerland ranked 17th in Power and Canada ranked 12th. Canada’s Power is stronger because of its international alliances and economical influence on a global scale.

One ranking attribute we found kind of hilarious is under the Adventure category. With only a 0.9 Sexy score, Switzerland is 17th in the world. Think that’s bad? Canada’s Sexy score is 0.4, placing the country in 18th for Adventure.

If your priority is sexiness, then move to Brazil, which topped the Adventure category with a perfect 10/10 Sexy score.

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