Chatting With Ghods Builders About 5959 Yonge Street Condos Image

Chatting With Ghods Builders About 5959 Yonge Street Condos

By Penny on Jan 07, 2015

North York natives and internationally renowned developers are bringing an incredible new development to the community that homebuyers and locals are going to fall in love with!

Ghods Builders Inc., a family-owned corporation, started building in North York in 1986 and have already contributed enormously to the community with their first-hand knowledge and appreciation for the area.

“I love North York, I love Toronto,” says company founder Ghasem Ghods. “We’ve done a lot of developments in the United States, but I love the people of Toronto and North York because we’ve been right here for nearly 30 years. We started a business, my wife and I, and grew together from the beginning in this neighbourhood, so 5959 is an exciting project for us.”

Two years in the making, Ghods worked alongside Kirkor Architects & Planners and the Design Theory team to produce the most unique, spatially efficient and aesthetically appeasing building that will breathe new life into the community.

Via Ghods Builders Via Ghods Builders

“It’s already a great area, we’re looking to not only bring about a new community, but embrace what’s already there. We don’t want to take away from all the people who’ve grown up there,” says Honey Ghods, Ghasem’s daughter and Vice President of Business Development. “I grew up here, so for me, it’s like giving back to the community, and as a family owned corporation, we’ve really taken a hands-on approach to all of our projects. We know North York very well, we know our area, our demographic; my belief is that we care so much more and we cherish what we’re selling and putting forth.” 5959 Yonge Street Condos will also feature approximately 40,000 square feet of retail space between the two towers, so the neighbourhood will feature even more shops and services once the buildings are complete.

With over 25,000 square feet of indoor amenities, the idea is that residents will never need to leave the community to participate in yoga, swimming, gym activities and even bowling! One unique feature offered is an LED multi-use court that adapts at the flick of a switch to fifteen different sport facilities. The court can be used during the day or at night, with the lights switching from tennis court lines to soccer or squash and so forth. This sports court is adopted from European influence but has never been brought to the condominium market anywhere in the world! This sport court is made from LED lights covered by elastic-glass panels that act as a floor; with nearly no maintenance costs attributed to things like annual sanding, this court is easily wiped down and mopped up.

Outdoor Party Terrace - via Ghods Builders Outdoor Party Terrace - via Ghods Builders

The exterior of the facade is a stunning, cutting-edge, crisp design that is accented by a gorgeous two-storey Sky Atrium located on the 32nd floor. Providing residents with a relaxing oasis of their own, this atrium is isolated from other amenities so that the condo dwellers can escape the (sometimes) chaotic city life.

“We have the traditional spa and pool, workout room using TechnoGym equipment, lounge with big screens, theatre and then we have the atrium if you want to just relax or do some homework,” says Honey Ghods. “It’s something to be proud of, we want all of our residents to be proud of where they live.”

With units ranging from 500 to 750 square feet (with the option to create combo units of up to 1,000 square feet), Ghods’ design team paid special attention to maximize every square inch. Always priding himself on providing homebuyers with the utmost quality, relative to his own high standards, Ghasem Ghods says, “If I wouldn’t buy it myself, I can’t sell it.” The majority of the units are one-bedroom+den, with prices starting at $288,900.

If this seems like the kind of community you want to be a part of, stay posted for updates and don’t forget to register!

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