Cottage maintenance that you shouldn’t forget to do Image

Cottage maintenance that you shouldn’t forget to do

By Newinhomes on Jul 02, 2019

Sure, the cottage is all fun and games during the summer, especially around Canada Day, but keep in mind that there is always maintenance to be done (and we bet you didn’t get to any of it over the long weekend!). 

If you want the good times to keep on rolling, then you have to make sure your cottage is a safe place to be. The cottage has much of the same type of maintenance that your primary home may have, plus some extras. That’s right, it’s not always a relaxing weekend at the cottage.  

Paying attention to keeping your cottage maintenance up to date is especially relevant today as it was recently discovered that more than half of Canadian millennials are considering buying a recreational property, some as an alternative to traditional homeownership.  

Whether you’re opening or closing your cottage, or just up for a weekend during the summer, you should make sure these things are in order:

Inspect your deck

Cottages stay in families for generations, which means your deck is being pelted by hail, soaked by rain, frozen through winter, and expanding during the summer, over and over. This leads to cracking and potential rot. If you haven’t done this recently, wait for a dry day and spray wood preservative on contact points and on the edges of wood. This will help prevent rotting.   

Check your roof

Just like at home, your cottage roof takes a beating all through winter and spring. If you didn’t check on your shingles while opening your cottage this season, then do an inspection next time you’re up there. A leaky roof could lead to catastrophic interior damage and cost you an arm and a leg if it goes undetected for a long period of time. Remember, safety first - don’t climb up any high ladders without a spotter. 

Look for cracks

Your cottage’s foundation could be sitting on unstable land, likely near water, and probably goes all through winter with snow piled up on the sides, then it melts and who knows what’s happening down there. If your foundation shifts, it could crack, which could lead to leaks. Do a thorough walkaround. If you spot any tiny cracks, you can fill them yourself concrete crack repair, but if you notice a larger crack, then you should call a professional. 

Test stability 

Any stairs or railings you have attached to your cottage, leading down to the beach, or at your dock should be inspected for stability. The last thing you want is for a child who doesn’t know how to swim to lean against a faulty railing by the water and fall in. You’re often barefoot at the cottage, too, so a wooden step snapping underfoot could lead to a summer indoors.

These are just a few things that you should keep your eye out for while at the cottage this summer! We hope you have an amazing time up north or east, or wherever your cottage may be! 


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