Essential home maintenance tasks you should do in September Image

Essential home maintenance tasks you should do in September

By Newinhomes on Sep 10, 2018

It’s time to accept summer is coming to an end, especially if you’re a homeowner. Now’s the time to get a head start on fall home maintenance tasks. We share tips like this every season, but little reminders can’t hurt! If you wait too long, it’ll be cold and more difficult to make any necessary repairs. There’s also potential for further damage if you ignore these tips!

We referenced Tarion’s list of fall home maintenance tasks, and we’re sharing a few with some extra detail!

Inspect caulking

Go around your home, inside and out, and take a closer look at the caulking around the window frames. If there are any cracks, then your utility bill will be higher than expected once the temperature drops. As soon as you kick on the heat, your furnace will be working harder than it needs to if air is escaping. Seal up those cracks, save money, and stay warm!

Through the fall, many households decide not to have the A/C or heat on because of the comfortably cool temperature, so now’s the time to inspect your furnace to ensure it’s working in time for the cold.

Check fireplace and chimney

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’re likely looking forward to gathering around the crackling flames with your family. First, you should either check your chimney yourself or hire a professional. If there is anything blocking your chimney, your first fire of the season may get slightly out of hand, and definitely a bit smokey.

Essential home maintenance

Test garage door

Whether you have an automatic garage door or a manual one, inspect it thoroughly. There’s a chance you’ve left your car in the driveway all summer. It would not be good to attempt to move your car into your garage right before the first big snowfall and discover your door is broken. Tarion also recommends lubricating the bearings to ensure smooth operation.

Get out the humidifier  

Summer is humid, but fall and winter can be dry. For your own comfort, make sure your humidifier is in working order – dry air can be hard on your respiratory system and bad for your skin.

The dry air can also affect your home’s structure, flooring, door frames, and window frames. When the home contracts, cracks can form, allowing air to enter and escape your home.

Walk around your home

Do a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home. Check for foundation cracks, any finishing damage, and roof damage. All these repairs need to be made before the temperature drops because the cold, rain, and snow will make things worse, then you’ll have to spend even more money to get everything fixed.


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