Fairview Condos in St. Catharines is 60% sold! Image

Fairview Condos in St. Catharines is 60% sold!

By Lucas on May 17, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Fairview Condos in St. Catharines by Niagara Innovative Living is now 60% sold! The fall 2017 occupancy is still on schedule and more buyers are starting to show interest in the development since Niagara’s real estate market is heating up with the weather!

“Creating a home for our purchasers is top-of-mind to me,” says Renzo Giancaterino, Niagara Innovative Living, in a recent release. “I have always looked at what we are doing as a group as building a future for people who are close to that retirement age and downsizing is a choice or people that want that turn-the-key-and-go type of lifestyle.”

Since Fairview Condos launched, Niagara Innovative Living and the sales team have seen a wide variety of buyers, from young to old and singles to families.  

“What strikes us most about this building is the vibrant group of people who have chosen to make Fairview their next home and how much of a pleasure it has been to work with each one,” says Kim and Ginny, Royal LePage Niagara. “Buyers range from 40 to 90 years old, the majority are local and all bring a different perspective to the building. Engineers, retired teachers, past and current realtors, community volunteers, fantastic cooks, some with local families, some single, some couples.”

Fairview Condos in St. Catharines by Niagara Innovative Living

Working with Niagara Innovative Living, Ginny now has complete confidence in them and the project, so she also purchased a suite on the third floor and is looking forward to living at Fairview Condos!

“We were so pleased to have the meeting with Carl and Renzo (from Niagara Innovative Living). It gives you a good feeling because they aim to please and realize we didn’t just buy a condo, we are buying a new home. It was a pleasure to meet with them,” says Al and Urna, two recent purchasers at Fairview Condos.

There are seven different floor plans at Fairview Condos, but one of them is sold out, so that leaves six models remaining! The suites range from 943 to 1,222 square feet, all of which are two-bedrooms, except for the smallest suite, which is a one-bedroom+den. The interesting thing is that the den is actually larger than some bedrooms you might find in a downtown Toronto condo.

“There is nothing better than visiting one of the communities we’ve helped create, speaking to the people living there and seeing and hearing how happy they are with the decision to move to a condo. Life is flourishing for them,” adds Giancaterino.

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Fairview Condos in St. Catharines by Niagara Innovative Living

Now that Fairview Condos is 60% sold, only a few suites remain. You need to act quickly if you want to get in on St. Catharines’ hot real estate market. With strong demand overpowering supply in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), more buyers are turning to areas in Niagara Region for spacious new homes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase at Fairview Condos!

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