First-time buyers should take advantage of the Boost program at Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard Image

First-time buyers should take advantage of the Boost program at Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard

By Lucas DeClavasio on Feb 08, 2018

We recently posted about how Daniels FirstHome has become even more attractive to first-time buyers with the current market conditions.

New condo prices are hitting record highs, supply is still low, and there’s a new mortgage stress test to worry about. And according to an Ipsos survey conducted on behalf of the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), buyer intentions are low among first-timers.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to enter the housing market, then you’ll find one at Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard in Scarborough.

The Scandinavian inspired, six-storey boutique condo and townhomes are currently under construction. The great thing about Daniels FirstHome is they build first so you can see exactly what you’re buying!

While construction progresses, Daniels is hosting Homeownership 101 seminars for all registrants. The seminars introduce you to the Daniels FirstHome experience and also outline how the Boost program works.

The first seminar was last weekend and more than 500 people attended! Clearly there are many eager first-time buyers out there.

Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard in Scarborough

According to Daniels, their Boost program is the “most powerful homeownership program in Canada.” And we think they’re right, or at least we haven’t found a program more helpful to first-timers.

If eligible, you can buy with just 5% down and receive an interest free and payment free loan of 10% of the purchase price. That “boosts” your down payment to 15%! In addition to this, you also qualify for another $25,000 to go towards your down payment.

And you don’t even need to pay the entire 5% all at once. Daniels has a gradual down payment program. You just have to pay $3,500 upon signing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and then $1,000 a month until the balance of 5% is met.

You’ll repay the loan when you sell your home or when it’s no longer your principal residence. The repayment is equal to the amount of the loan plus capital appreciation.

By now, you’re probably pinching yourself because you think you’re dreaming. Trust us, this is the real deal and Daniels is one of the most prolific and trusted developers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Attend a Homeownership 101 seminar!

Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard in Scarborough

The next seminar is this Saturday, February 10, at 11 am. You’ll learn more about the Boost program, how to qualify, and much more! The presentation will be at the Markham Convention Centre.

Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard in Scarborough features studio units and one-, two-, and three-bedroom plans. The neighbourhood is peppered with convenient amenities like Centennial College and other schools, beautiful parks, shopping, and dining. Also, there’s quick and easy access to Hwy 401.

To learn more about Daniels FirstHome Markham Sheppard and the Boost program, register today!  


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