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Four Creative Storage Ideas for Your Home

By Penny on May 26, 2014

Some of us here at are still trying to get organized, even after all those helpful tips about shelving tricks! In fact, all those ideas drew attention to an even harder problem to tackle; what to do with all those awkward spaces that aren’t quite big enough to fit shelves!

In the washroom

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Tired of having your shampoos and body washes out on display for all your guests to see? This is a great solution that conveniently keeps your bathroom necessities nearby, but doesn’t have them sitting out on the corners of the tub. On a personal level, I like that this design actually increases storage capacity which means, I can keep even more “necessities” around. With several design options available online, you can choose from many units that best suit your needs. For example, using the length of a wall, the one displayed creates a sliding compartment with multiple shelves. Critics might dislike that this design shortens the length of the room, but if you use darker colours to contrast against brighter walls, the unit actually adds a fashionable sense of dimension while giving you more storage!

In the kitchen

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Any good chef will tell you about their dream kitchen; big, spacious, with pull out cupboards and shelves that don’t call for crawling/reaching or climbing. Being a little bit of a chef myself, one of my greatest frustrations is where to keep all my spices so that they are all easily accessible. This spice rack unit can be installed in between your stove or dishwasher as shown in the photo. Not only does it display all of your spices (thus eliminating the chances of forgetting about your favourite chicken, fish or beef rubs) but it has a longer space for larger bottles like oils, vinegars and cooking wines.

Under the stairs

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There is an abundance of alternative designs available online for these under-staircase storage units. This one in particular is awesome because it allows you to pull drawers out from underneath the staircase and keep things organized with built-in shelves. The idea of customizing the shapes and sizes of shelves is great, because it allows homeowners to assess what items need storage and build accordingly. If you’re not already skilled in the DIY crafting ideas, this is probably a job for a hired Jack (or Jill) -of-all-trades.

My favourite storage idea

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This super-trendy wine rack is amazing because it can be made at home, in whatever design you think suits your decor best and of course, it holds the elixir to happiness. Complete with glasses, it’s perfect! Adding character to your kitchen wall, we can guarantee that this convenient little storage unit will catch the eyes of your guests.

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