Futuristic condo amenities that are possible right now (and a couple that aren’t) Image

Futuristic condo amenities that are possible right now (and a couple that aren’t)

By Newinhomes on Jan 07, 2019

We posted recently about smart home technology that will become more prevalent in 2019. It got us thinking about what the distant (or maybe not so distant) future may hold for condo living, specifically condo amenities, suite features and building operations.

Here are a few ideas that seem possible given the rapidly increasing prevalence of the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. 

Party rooms run by robots

Many new condos feature party rooms and dining rooms. These spaces can be booked or rented out so you can host a larger get-together. This comes in handy when you live in a 400 square foot unit. 

While you have the space, you still need to cater the event or do all the cooking yourself. Many party rooms have a bar and catering kitchen, so it’s not impossible. But imagine if there was a new condo with robots in the kitchen, and all you had to do was provide the ingredients and a menu. It would make hosting easier and would definitely impress some guests. Robots build cars and are becoming essential farmhands, so why not chefs? 

Virtual reality rooms

Okay, robots preparing food for your party sounds unrealistic, but we just wanted to start off this post with something wild. A virtual reality room is totally something that could just be done today and we’re surprised we haven’t heard of it yet. Virtual reality provides gaming experiences and other forms of entertainment. The tech required is considered expensive for many households, but if it was a condo amenity, residents would be able to experience VR on a daily basis. 

AI property management 

Do you live in a condo? How often do you actually see your property management contact in person? They may not even have an office in your building. Artificial intelligence is making waves. How long will it be before the property management you’re in touch with is a bot with a full understanding of your condo bylaws? This would also be a time saver because we assume the AI would be able to communicate with numerous residents at the same time. 

Fully connected suites

Sensing a pattern? We hit you with a crazy idea, then bring it back down with something that’s possible today. Smart home technology is becoming more affordable every year, while the tech keeps getting more impressive. At this moment in time, a fully connected suite would still be a high-end option. But, we can envision a future where your door lock, security cameras, lighting, thermostat, window shades, and smoke and CO detectors all come smart as standard in your new condo. 

Do you think we’ll see any of these ideas introduced in new condos this year?

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