Great Gulf to complete the vision for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto Image

Great Gulf to complete the vision for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto

By Lucas on Oct 04, 2017

It’s a done deal - Great Gulf is the developer that will bring the Mirvish+Gehry Toronto project to life. The transaction was confirmed on October 3rd.

“I am pleased to have concluded a transaction with Great Gulf that will see the realization and fulfillment of my vision for Mirvish+Gehry Toronto,” says David Mirvish in a press release. “I am delighted to have completed the development process that allows Great Gulf to create a wonderful addition to the Toronto skyline."

There are a few reasons why Mirvish+Gehry Toronto is such a high profile development. For one, the people involved got everyone interested right off the bat. Mirvish is a big name in Toronto and Frank Gehry is recognized for his architectural designs around the world.

Located in the heart of the Entertainment District, Mirvish+Gehry Toronto will rise 82 and 92 storeys. Not only will these be the tallest residential towers in Toronto, they’ll be the tallest in Canada.

The master-plan also includes 85,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, approximately 115,000 square feet of office space, and a new 25,000 square foot facility for OCAD University with studios, seminar rooms, galleries, and a public theatre.

There will also be a 9,000 square foot art gallery featuring the Mirvish Collection, curated abstract contemporary art from Audrey and David Mirvish’s collection.

Mirvish+Gehry Toronto by Great Gulf

With a stunning, record breaking design by famed architect Frank Gehry, selling to the right developer was key. We’re happy Great Gulf ended up with the project because of their experience working with Moshe Safdie at Monde on Toronto’s waterfront.

Currently under construction, Monde is looking incredible. If you happen to find yourself on the Gardiner East, look south and you can’t miss it. When Monde is complete, it will be a landmark tower in Toronto. Many people are saying the same about Mirvish+Gehry Toronto.

“In Great Gulf we have selected a developer who is capable of executing Frank Gehry’s vision, and will work well with him to bring the project to realization,” Mirvish adds. “I believe the project will do honour to the history of the people in the city who built it to what it is today and will continue to project Toronto’s possibilities onto the world stage.”

“Ed Mirvish Enterprises and Projectcore will move forward to support Great Gulf’s efforts throughout the process as they fulfill Gehry’s vision for Toronto,” he concludes.  

It’s been years since we first heard about the collaboration between Mirvish and Gehry, so we’re excited to see the project moving forward with a great developer!

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