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Heela Omarkhail of The Daniels Corporation

By Lucas on Feb 19, 2014

Hero name: Manager of Community Partnerships

Allegiance: The Daniels Corporation

Secret Identity: Heela Omarkhail

Age: 26

Time Active: 4 years

Origin Story:

As a part-time job throughout university, Heela worked as a receptionist at sales offices for various developers. Upon graduation, with a degree in hand, Heela was unsure of her next steps and was contemplating law school or pursuing a Masters abroad. An opportunity presented itself to join the sales team at the first market condominium in Regent Park. Intrigued by this exciting project, Heela quickly took on various roles within Daniels to deepen her involvement in the revitalization. What started as a summer job has become her career and passion!

Special Powers:

  • Master Connector - Heela has the unique ability to create and facilitate innovative collaborations and partnerships that often go well beyond the industry standard from micro-businesses in quilting to pre-apprenticeship programs with construction unions.

  • Confident Communicator - Telling the story of the Regent Park revitalization is one of Heela’s foremost strengths. Whether she’s speaking to an international delegation, a bank president or a community resident, Heela is able to relate to her audience and engage them in this incredible city building project.

  • International Relations degree from the University of Toronto.

Current Developments:

  • One Park Place North Tower (now occupying, limited selection of suites remain)

  • One Park Place South Tower (under construction, coming this spring)


“Working at The Daniels Corporation has taught me that the building industry is about more than just bricks and mortar. I hope to see our industry continue down this path and recognize the importance of building healthy and sustainable communities that contribute to the vitality of our city. My experience in Regent Park has taught me the importance of partnerships and the ability to leverage the power of business for positive change. These will be the hallmarks of my leadership as I continue on in my career.”

Interesting Fact:

Heela speaks four languages including English, French, Farsi and Pashto.

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