Home decor colour trends to keep in mind for winter and 2020 Image

Home decor colour trends to keep in mind for winter and 2020

By Newinhomes on Nov 25, 2019

The colder weather is in full swing and 2020 is right around the corner. It’s time to start looking ahead at what the winter and new year have in store for colour trends. 

If you’re planning a mini home renovation project over the holidays, keep these options in mind. 

Blush pink

2020 colour trends

This colour was hot throughout 2019. Pantone’s colour of the year was “Living Coral,” which is pretty close to blush pink. Living Coral is a bit more vibrant and saturated. Blush pink is like the more faded, subdued version. 

Blush pink almost works like a neutral colour when combined with a bolder tone like emerald green. You can expect the blush pink and green pairing a lot in 2020 since it’s a great combo to freshen up a living room, plus palm prints will likely remain popular for another couple seasons. 

Deep blue

2020 colour trends

Blue would be considered a classic, versatile colour. It can be the colour of your favourite sweater or the base colour of half the apps on your phone. Where blue stands out in home decor is when it’s used on a grand scale. For example, a blue feature wall or a piece of furniture like a couch or dining table would really stand out (in a good way). Blue is calming, trustworthy, and some would say heavenly. 


2020 colour trends

Matte black has been big in appliances and home accessories over the last couple years. You can expect black to remain hot in 2020, but in different uses, like kitchen cabinetry and furniture. A matte black dining set or cabinetry is a great way to make a bold statement, but remain sophisticated and modern. 

Vibrant purple

2020 colour trends

We haven’t seen much of purple with regards to home decor in a while, but its time has come. Purple represents royalty, luxury, opulence, and also creativity, wisdom, pride, peace, and dignity — all the things we want to feel in relation to our homes. Purple will be big in home decor, but on a smaller scale, mostly with minor accessories. You can add purple accents around your home with couch sofas, vases, and other decor destined for a shelf. 

Keep it neutral 

2020 colour trends

It’s always a safe bet to keep a living space neutral. Think beiges, grays, and whites (and blush pink). An overly neutral space can become drab, so be sure to add some other forms of visual interest if you’re going for an entirely neutral palette, like add texture with curtains, bedding, or floor coverings. 

The most important thing to remember about using colour in your home decor is that you always need balance. We hope these tips help you plan your next home decor project! 

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