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Home decor inspired by Oscar finalists

By Sumiko Wilson on Feb 24, 2017

This weekend the stars will align to vie for the most coveted hardware in Hollywood at the 89th Academy Awards. We took a look at a few of the Oscar finalists and listed some home decor inspired by the films and actors.

While the top contenders cover a wide variety of genres, a recurring theme in many of the films is home. From Casey Affleck’s character reluctantly returning home in Manchester By The Sea to Chris Pine and Ben Foster’s characters resorting to dangerous measures to save their home in Hell or High Water.

With the subject matter hitting especially close to home, why not immerse yourself in the movie magic and invite this year’s silver screen standouts into your home for good? After all, your home is the set to the movie that is your life so it’s only fitting to draw inspiration from the year’s best films when it’s time to decorate.

Here are some of our favourite design takeaways from this year’s Oscar finalists:

1) Go bold

La La Land screenshot Via nytimes.com (Credit Dale Robinette/Lionsgate)

Anyone who has taken a trip to La La Land can attest that the joy of watching stems from the film’s visual intensity. Every scene employs a vibrant palette of technicolour hues to pay further homage to classic Hollywood musicals.

Although many are consumed by monochrome-mania, the whimsical beauty of La La Land proves that a multicolour palette is a striking alternative that would surely make a major impact in your home.

2) Mid-century musings

Jackie screenshot Via thestar.com (STEPHANIE BRANCHU / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Last month we explored the retro revival and with mid-century set Jackie, Hidden Figures, and Fences all boasting box-office buzz and critical acclaim, it appears that this fad won’t be fading soon.

Acting aside, one of the most striking elements of Pablo Larraín’s Jackie is the detailed set design. The film’s set decorator Véronique Melery went the extra mile to recreate Camelot, from fabrics to paintings and carpet colours. Melery told Architectural Digest that “it was beautiful to have an exact copy of those details.” The Kennedy-era White House’s decor was even integrated into the film’s plot.

The production team on Jackie believed that because the film’s subject was so dedicated to personalizing The White House and making it her own, the intricate details around her home were essential elements of Jackie’s character development.

With that, it’s always important to remember to put your personality at the forefront of your home and to tell your family’s story with personal touches and details, whether they’re on trend or not.

3) Outside in

Lion screenshot Via latimes.com

Six-time nominee Lion follows a man’s quest to return home and reunite with his birth family using Google Earth as a guide.

Many of the film’s interiors are heavily influenced by natural elements as a thematic homage to the main character’s arduous pursuit of his hometown, with only faded memories of his childhood home’s surroundings as a point of reference.

To show this, homes in the film often have open windows or significant outdoor leads to reflect how the elements surrounding a home can impact the identity of those living inside.

You can channel this philosophy by infusing outdoor elements into your space, which boasts a myriad of psychological and physical benefits.

We hope these Oscar finalists inspire you to redecorate your home!

Feature image via youngcinemabuffs.wordpress.com

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