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Home Responsibility Checklist

By on Apr 21, 2008

Once or twice a year, generally in the spring and fall:

Replace the carbon cartridge in your water filter

Inspect fire extinguishers for pressure, lock pin, discharge nozzle, and damage

Clean or replace the filter on furnace (only vacuum once before replacing)

Check circuit breakers and fuses

Clean, lubricate, and repair (if necessary) the attic fan

Remove debris from gutters, eavestrophs, and downspouts

Check window and door seals and locks, including garage doors

Drain approximately four to eights litres of water from your water heater to remove sediment; at least once a year, empty completely, flush, and refill

Inspect grading around house to ensure proper drainage and prevent leaks in your home

Inspect the foundation for wear and cracks outside and leaks or dampness inside

Check bricks for cracked mortar or loose joints and have repaired by a professional

Clean out window wells and storm drains

Inspect roof for damaged or loose shingles

Check vents for air movement

More than twice a year:

These are things that should happen more frequently than twice a year, but not necessarily every time you clean.

Test smoke alarms with a smoke source and clean if necessary, change batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors every six months

Vacuum electric elements on baseboards

Refill water softener with salts on a regular basis as needed

Wash out garbage cans, disinfect, then rinse and dry thoroughly

Check faucets, hoses, bibs, and shut-off valves for leaks; clean faucets and shower heads for calcium buildup

Trim, remove litter and deadhead flowers from plants, shrubs, and trees

Clean and repair patio furniture before storing for winter

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