How to add some charm and flair to your backyard bash! Image

How to add some charm and flair to your backyard bash!

By Jen Lehman on Jul 17, 2018

Summer is the perfect time to throw a party in your backyard. Nothing says summer like some tasty food on the barbecue, a few fun and fruity beverages and all while you’re surrounded by your good friends. We’ve come up with a few ideas to add some charm and flair to your backyard bash!

Cinder block bench

Cinder block bench for your backyard bash


If your backyard and your budget are small and you need some extra seating, you can pull together spots for guests with a few easy-to-find items. Six to 12 concrete cinder blocks and four 8’ long 4x4s can build you a sweet bench that you can paint any colour you want. And it can be easily disassembled for winter storing. There’s no sawing involved! Simply slide the 4x4s through the holes of the stacked cinder blocks to create a bench. Add some weatherproof pillows for extra comfort and style.

Fire pit

Everyone loves to gather around a fire at nighttime, even in the summer! If your local bylaws allow, you can make your own fire pit with gravel and bricks. Simply measure out a circle where you want to put the fire pit. Dig down 6” and fill the hole with gravel. Line the sides of the hole with bricks or large stones and stack them around the edge of the hole to create the pit where you’ll eventually light a fire to roast some s’mores!

A fun option for a backyard party is to offer wooden skewers so guests can cook their own hot dogs, sausages and veggie skewers over the open flame. Always have a bucket of water on hand or a fire extinguisher. At the end of the night before you head to bed, make sure to dump lots of water over the embers to ensure the entire fire is completely out.

Jar lighting

Jar lighting for your backyard bash

Outdoor lighting can be expensive, but you can DIY some nice lighting with a quick trip to the dollar store. It doesn’t get any more rustic than this super easy and cost effective lighting option. You’ll need some small clear glass jars, tea lights and twine. You can use actual flame tea lights, but you will end up with wax in the jars. Or there are battery operated tea lights you can purchase that look just like the real deal! Tie a length of  twine around the neck of the jar, creating a loop so you can hang these around your backyard.

Another whimsical option is a battery operated string of fairy lights. Put them in a larger clear mason jar for a twinkly effect. You can add decorative glass stones or rocks to the bottom of the jars and set the tea lights on top, too!

If your backyard is buggy, you can also use this idea to DIY a bug repellent candle. You’ll need an actual lit floating candle for this. Fill the jar almost to the top with water, add sliced lemons and/or limes, several drops of rosemary essential oil and a few fresh sprigs of rosemary. Not only do these look beautiful, but the heat of the candle will release the oil into the air and help keep away the mosquitoes!

Fence decor

If you’re wooden fence in the backyard isn’t looking quite as polished as it used to, you can add some quick and easy details to spruce it up before your guests arrive. For a charming rustic look, you can pick up some pretty China plates from your local thrift shop to hang up. Use a metal plate hanger and a small picture hanging nail to secure the plates to the fence. Add to this look by painting ornate picture frames in bright colours to go around the plates. If you can find a frame with a mirror, this adds the illusion of space to your yard!

I hope these tips help impress your friends and family at your next backyard bash!


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