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How to keep cool if your air conditioner breaks

By Newinhomes on Jun 12, 2018

The Greater Toronto Area is in for a hot summer. If you have air conditioning, you’re good to go. If you don’t, then you’re probably already aware of some of these tips for what to do if your A/C breaks.

Your A/C doesn’t have to suddenly break to find yourself suffering the extreme heat at home. Power outages are common in the summer, even in high-rise condos. If you need to go a few days without A/C, you’ll appreciate these tips:

Replace sheets with lightweight cotton

How to keep cool in the summer if your air conditioner breaks

Your silk sheets may be luxurious, but you’re going to cook overnight if it’s plus 30 degrees celsius and your A/C is on the fritz.

You should replace your sheets with lightweight cotton – Egyptian cotton to be exact. This type of cotton is made up of long, thin fibres, much smaller in diameter compared to other types of cotton. This makes the sheets more breathable.

Take a cold shower

Do this right before bed. It lowers your body temperature, so you’re room temperature when you climb under your covers. Don’t make the water so cold that you’re uncomfortable, just slightly cooler than room temperature.

Cold showers are also believed to be good for your skin, improve muscle soreness, and even relieve depression.

Flip on the ceiling fan

If you have a ceiling fan, make sure it’s turning counter clockwise so it pulls the heat up. In theory, it should make the air where you are slightly cooler. If it’s not doing the trick, trying placing a floor fan next to an open door or window so you’re getting some fresh air from the outdoors into the mix.

Turn things off

You may not notice it, but everything plugged in around your home is generating heat. When it’s super hot outside and your A/C is broken, every little bit helps.

The extreme heat is often the most unbearable when you’re trying to sleep, luckily, you’re likely not using your television, computer, or other major appliances while sleeping. Unplug the things that can be conveniently unplugged – don’t go pulling out the stove every night.

Block out the sun

When the sun is beaming down on your home, it’s heating it up. If you have a lot of windows like in a condo unit, then your place is probably an oven by the time you get home from work. Get yourself some blackout curtains and close them during the day. You’ll be surprised at how much cooler it is when the sun doesn’t have full access to your home.

Avoid these drinks

How to keep cool in the summer if your air conditioner breaks

This is going to sound drastic – don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol. We saved this one for last because we were afraid you’d leave this post at the sight of this tip.

It will make a big difference though. Coffee, tea, and alcohol are diuretics, meaning they make you urinate more, which could lead to dehydration. An iced coffee will do the same thing, so no iced tea or coolers either. Stick to water and drink it often.

We hope these tips come in handy in the unfortunate case you find yourself without A/C this summer!


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