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How to set up the coziest guest bedroom for your friends and family

By Justine May on Jul 31, 2018

Summer vacation is still in full swing for another month! If you have family or friends visiting, you’ll need to spruce up your guest bedroom, so we’re sharing a few tips to make your guests’ stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Empty the closet

This is especially important if your guest is staying for a long stretch. People like to unpack and get their suitcases out of sight so they feel like they are settled in. Ensure there are a few hangers available and plenty of shelf space in the closet.

Set up a sitting area

If you have room in your guest bedroom, set up a reading nook with a comfy chair and a side table. Your guest may be welcome in every area of your home, but they’ll appreciate a spot to unwind in privacy, and it can be a good way to get your own space, too.

Provide ample lighting

You never use your guest bedroom, so there may not be a lamp or reading light at the bedside. Not everyone reads before bed, but having a light there just makes sense in case your guest plans to read or journal before turning in, and it also just allows them to kill the lights to go to sleep without having to get up and flip the switch on the wall.

Guest bedroom

Leave out a few of your favourite books

If you’re a reader, leave a few of your favourite books and/or magazines on the nightstand. Your guests will appreciate it, especially if they finish their book, and it also gives you a topic of discussion in case you guys run out of things to talk about.

Get a full length mirror

A full length mirror allows your guests to get ready in the privacy of their bedroom instead of having to go to the bathroom to use the mirror. The full length mirror will also make your guest bedroom feel more spacious.

Provide a hamper, towels, and robes

If your guests are staying for a long time, they may have to wash dirty clothes, but they may be self conscious about throwing their laundry in with yours. You can hang a hamper on the back of their door and also provide towels and robes to make them feel at home.

Upgrade the bedding

This is the most obvious one. You want your guests to start and end their day in the coziness of high quality sheets and plush pillows. In the summer, Egyptian cotton and linen breathe well!

We hope these tips help you put together the best possible guest bedroom for your friends and family! Check out for other ways to get your home ready for summer guests.


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