INFOGRAPHIC: Keepin’ it Green Image

INFOGRAPHIC: Keepin’ it Green

By Lucas on May 15, 2013

We are very pleased to present to you, our infographic for Landscaping Month! Throughout the month of May, we have been discussing landscaping on a variety of levels.

We interviewed landscape architect Janet Rosenberg, who prefers to work on large-scale projects. We also met with Kent Ford, who is trained to design large-scale, but actually prefers small-scale residential projects. Writer, radio personality, and gardening specialist, Mark Cullen is also contributing his own articles for Landscaping Month - focusing on tips for gardening at home.

Since we have covered topics from home gardening to vast landscape design, we decided to do a little research to see how the City of Toronto is “Keepin’ it Green” in regards to new developments.

The infographic highlights the City’s four specific rules that developers need to follow when building up a site.

To view the infographic larger, open it in a new tab!

green infographic

What do you think? Are these rules enough to keep Toronto green?