New Information on 129 St. Clair Ave. West Image

New Information on 129 St. Clair Ave. West

By Lucas on Mar 12, 2013

One project that we haven’t spent a lot of time discussing is 129 St. Clair by Diamondcorp. Located just east of Avenue Rd., the site currently features the Deer Park United Church.

DiamondCorp released some new renderings of 129 St. Clair, ones that give us a peek at what the future holds for the church. 129 St. Clair will feature a 27-storey condominium, which will be comprised of 226 units. The plan also calls for retail and townhomes at street level.

DiamondCorp announced, via their website, that they’re teaming with seasoned developer Camrost Felcorp to bring the project to market, who has had major success with historic developments. Diamond + Schmitt Architects, and landscape architect Janet Rosenberg will also be joining the team.


One of the biggest additions is ERA Architects, a firm famous for integrating old and new architecture. A perfect example is what they’re doing at Five Condominiums at the corner of Yonge and St. Joseph in downtown Toronto.


Even though we have these great renderings, we still don’t really know what will become of the church. ERA Architects is involved to maintain the structure and incorporate it into the condo design, but we’re not sure what purpose the church will serve. Perhaps it will be a really cool lobby, or a common area, or maybe it will just stay a church.


Whatever they make of it, we’re certainly looking forward to what the entire team at 129 St. Clair has in store for the site. Stay tuned to — we’ll make sure you have any additional information as soon as we do.

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