Inspiring your DIYs and home renovations Image

Inspiring your DIYs and home renovations

By Lucas on May 01, 2017

The fresh spring air is inspiring us to explore all the quick and easy ways you can give your home a little sprucing up. For the entire month of May we’ll be sharing simple DIYs, springtime inspiration for your home decor and home renovations, and of course, special tips from industry professionals.

The home renovation industry is booming because many homeowners believe that it is more affordable to upgrade their current home rather than move to a larger one. In some cases, this is true. A recent CIBC survey discovered that 62% of homeowners are reluctant to sell due to the high price of buying again. Even Baby Boomers are waiting for calmer waters to sell.

Researching DIY home renovations

You’re probably thinking it would be great to build an addition or add a bedroom, but major renovations to accommodate family growth are expensive projects. That’s why we want to highlight a few minor DIY projects that can make a huge difference when it comes to upgrading your home.

We’ll have interior design and decor tips from Jo-Ann Capelaci, as well as home gardening practices from Canada’s gardening guru Mark Cullen. We’ll also feature home renovation projects that won’t break the bank and some you can do yourself. Sometimes a simple paint job can make a big difference!

If you are planning on buying a new home this spring, keep our tips in mind while home hunting! Perhaps they will provide some inspiration for what you are truly looking for in a new home.

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