Light up, music making seesaws coming to Toronto Image

Light up, music making seesaws coming to Toronto

By Newinhomes on Oct 10, 2019

The Winter Stations organization is mostly known for its annual design competition that transforms lifeguard stations across Toronto’s east beaches, but in anticipation of the 2020 designs, they are bringing two interactive art installations to Toronto! 

Winter Stations partnered with Waterfront BIA, as well as Harbourfront Centre, Waterfront Toronto, and PortsToronto to bring two existing art installations to the city’s waterfront neighbourhood during the shoulder season. 

“As an organization, Winter Stations has proven successful in using public art to draw people back down to the water's edge in the colder months. As we explore ways to extend our partnership, we wanted to focus on creating more opportunities for artistic intervention. We also wanted to create a distinct experience from the beach by transitioning to invited exhibits,” says Tim Kocur, Executive Director, Waterfront BIA. “We’re really excited to be bringing two dynamic, interactive installations to the waterfront for their Toronto debut.”

Ice Breakers is another waterfront exhibit and design competition by Winter Stations, which also aims to bring people down to the water during the winter, so it’s not surprising to see Winter Stations working with these sponsors to source and relocate these two innovative installations. 

“We’re excited to continue our relationship with the Waterfront BIA and their local partners. There is a real contrast between the urban, waterfront experience along Queens Quay and the open expanse of Woodbine Beach,” says Roland Rom Colthoff, Executive Director, Winter Stations. “We wanted to take advantage of being in the city by introducing light and sound into the experience. The two exhibits we have chosen will be even more interactive and give children and adults alike the opportunity to play.”

Impulse by Lateral Office and CS Design, Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal 
Winter Stations Toronto

(Photo: Ulysse Lemerise / OSA)

Impulse will be located at Harbourfront Centre’s Exhibition Commons October 25 to November 12 (open 9 am to 10 pm). The installation consists of 15 seesaws that produce light and sound when in use. Depending on the activity, it can make for an intense or calming environment. 

Loop by Olivier Girouard, Jonathan Villeneuve and Ottoblix. Quartier des Spectacles Partnership, Montreal
Winter Stations Toronto

(Photo: Ulysse Lemerise / OSA)

Loop will be at York Street Park January 15 to February 8 (open 9 am to 11 pm). The installation is like a combination of “a music box, a zoetrope (a 19th-century optical toy) and a railway handcar.” There is an animated fairy tale that is activated by a hand lever, creating the illusion of motion. You control the speed at which you experience the animations, light, and sound. 

Family Day 2020 is on February 17, and that’s when Winter Stations’ lifeguard installations will be unveiled at Woodbine Beach. Between Impulse, Loop, and the upcoming Winter Stations designs, you have plenty of reasons to head down to the water this fall and winter! 

(Feature Photo: Ulysse Lemerise / OSA)

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