Marlin Spring brings 60 years of experience to Vaughan with The Mack Image

Marlin Spring brings 60 years of experience to Vaughan with The Mack

By Lucas on May 24, 2016

We recently received news about Marlin Spring collecting registrations for The Mack, a new townhome community coming to Vaughan.

Once we heard the story about the principals of Marlin Spring and their long history in the homebuilding industry, we took the opportunity to chat with COO Zev Mandelbaum to get a more in depth look at the developer’s experience creating communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Mack in Vaughan by Marlin Spring

NewinHomes (NIH): We understand you have a long, rich history in the development industry. Can you give us a brief glimpse into your background and experience?

Zev Mandelbaum (ZM): I am a third generation developer born into a family that has been actively developing residential real estate in Toronto for the past 60 years. My grandfather came to Toronto after surviving the atrocities of Auschwitz and established H&R Developments, which in its heyday was one of the largest homebuilders in Ontario.

Following H&R’s success, my father Mark Mandelbaum along with Barry Fenton, created Lanterra Developments. Lanterra has developed over 15,000 condo units in Toronto over the past fifteen years, has won numerous awards for design and architecture, and has been the incubator of my development education.  

One can say real estate development runs in my blood. Although I had majored in finance, my heart and passion has always been to build buildings and homes. I am privileged to have an exceptionally close relationship with my father and have had the honour of apprenticing him all my life. My earliest memories are of spending Sundays on the job sites and long discussions on the politics of zoning. After spending years at Lantern Developments working on several large scale development projects, I decided to venture out, along with my two brother-in-laws, and create Marlin Spring.

NIH: Your corporate story states that successful companies possess the unique ability to envision the future of their industries. What does the future of homebuilding in the GTA look like?

ZM: The future of homebuilding in the GTA will sway towards the more creative developers that can not only obtain land but can maximize the density and the functionality of the products. Gone are the days of wide shallow lots with large single detached homes and inefficient layouts.

Homes and townhomes alike will have to utilize spaces that were previously not paid adherence to. For an example in some of our condo projects, we are doing European styled 12-inch flat closets to make better use of the narrow hallways and crevices. As competition heats up and land becomes scarcer, developers will need to work harder at sustaining their competitive edge.

The Mack in Vaughan by Marlin Spring

NIH: What's one thing that sets Marlin Spring apart from all the other low-rise, mid-rise, and mixed-use developers in the GTA?

ZM: Marlin Spring, which stands for the name of my parents Mark and Lindy Offspring, has the unique ability to draw on its experience and vast resources that come from 60 years of development history. We have fine-tuned our products and stood on the shoulders of those before us to advance our projects in terms of design, efficiency and functionality.

We have also learned the meaning of integrity and honesty. We pay homage to our honour and respect in the market place and build a product you can trust and rely on.

NIH: What kind of purchasers do you expect to see at The Mack?

ZM: The Mack is situated in one of the most transit oriented neighbourhoods, with direct access to the GO and Highway 400. The plethora of retail options, schools, hospitals and parks in the area will appeal to many different buyers. We are expecting a dynamic and eclectic group and look forward to satisfying the many different needs of the prospective purchasers.

To live at The Mack, you truly do not need a car. It is the perfect bridge between the conveniences of a condo but with the qualities of homeownership. The equilibrium of suburban and urban lifestyle is exceptionally balanced in this spectacular community.

The Mack in Vaughan by Marlin Spring

Register for The Mack in Vaughan

The Mack at Highway 400 and Major Mackenzie features three- and four-bedroom modern townhomes, ranging up to 2,366 square feet.

Boasting a mix of stone and brick, the homes are aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, and environmentally friendly. And, the interior designs by the award-winning Kelly Cay of U31 will definitely win you over.  

The grand opening to the public is scheduled for early fall. Marlin Spring is currently working on the build of the sales office, which will include home vignettes, as well as an interactive program that will allow purchasers to build their home in 3D, showcasing the variety of features and finishes. The program will also allow purchasers to gain a better understanding of the flow of the layouts.

Click here to register for The Mack!

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