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Maybe builders should just recommend smart home suppliers

By Lucas on Aug 28, 2017

Since there are so many smart home features and products available, it can be difficult for a new home builder to offer them as upgrades. For now, it may be wise for most builders to ensure the homes are simply compatible with smart home products and just recommend a supplier when homebuyers request them.

“Today, there’s very little required for smart technology integration into a home because it’s all wireless. We run Cat 5 wiring throughout so our homeowners only need the wireless devices,” says Craig Brown, Contracts Manager, Kylemore Communities.

“We recommend a specialty supplier to our purchasers,” he adds. “They use Sonos and Control4 Whole Home integration to tie together security, cameras, programmable lighting, door locks, heat, pool equipment, motorized window treatments, and all of this can be controlled through a cell phone or iPad/tablet.”

Townhomes in Markham by Kylemore Communities

Though Kylemore isn’t directly offering smart home upgrades, they still recognize that some buyers desire these types of features, especially since Kylemore builds a higher-end product. The more higher-end the home, the more customization the buyer expects, which makes Kylemore’s approach even more appropriate.

Brown explains, “These systems also have bluetooth communication so it’s possible that just by walking up to your house the system would unlock your doors without a key, turn off your security alarm, turn on your pre-selected lights to your dimmer setting and open your blinds to your favourite settings. It can activate a sound system and when you leave, it will reverse these procedures. The wireless options now are unlimited all through your WIFI.”

Having your lights flip on and blinds open automatically for you? That sounds like luxury living.

Kylemore model home

Smart home upgrades seem expensive, but according to Kylemore, cost isn’t really a huge obstacle. “I think costs have come down considerably since we first started to hear about smart home technology, and there’s built-in flexibility so you can pick and choose what you want to add and pay for. There are also more suppliers so you can shop around for comparison before deciding.”

By not offering a smart home package with their new homes, Kylemore is potentially making the products more affordable for buyers, allowing them to pick and choose the features they want from a variety of providers.

Kylemore model home

When we asked whether Kylemore would ever team up with a tech giant like Google to offer smart home upgrades, Brown said that their system is working well and they will continue with their current approach.

“It’s such a personal preference and once a system is set up the user needs proper instruction to use it effectively; this isn’t something we get involved with.”

Kylemore Communities builds predominantly in Markham and currently has two amazing developments in the works; The 6th Angus Glen and Brownstones at Angus Glen. They also have some big plans for Marham, so stay tuned!  

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